Executive Committee 2016

Alex Lo Weng Fai – Chairman


Alex was born again in 1980 and was raised spiritually by the Singapore Polytechnic Navigators where he also served for 10 years. He joined BFEC through the SSS class.

Alex is a Managing Director of Tech Source Systems, a local software distribution company and was a member of the Christian Business Men’s Committee (CBMC).

He is married to Corinne, with 4 children: Joanna, Elina, Deborah & David. He was a Deacon from 2007 undershepherding several cell leaders, and was appointed as an Elder in 2012.

Alex is currently the Chairman of both the Elders Board and Missions Board. He is a rather meticulous guy who enjoys putting things together - be it personalised camp badges or Jubilee Journals, and is passionate about intentional discipleship.


Jimmy Tan Eng Swee - Deputy Chairman


Jimmy is married to Monika; with daughters Sharon-Anne & Hannah-Jayne. He came to faith at 11 in Bedok Methodist Church; but followed his brother to BFEC in 1977. He grew spiritually through the Senior Sunday School (SSS), Youth For Christ, the Adults Training Class (ATC) and in Varsity Christian Fellowship. Jim was baptised in 1980 and was a cell leader of several groups.

After NUS, Jim joined Mediacorp (then SBC) and was Producer of award-winning Current Affairs shows. 12 years later, he resigned to wait upon the Lord; and soon joined Touch Media MInistry to produce movies for local & regional church use. He subsequently became a Project Manager with Yellow Ribbon Project for 1 year. A Deacon since 1998 and then Elder since 2006, he joined BFEC full time on 1 Apr 2006, helping Council to plan & coordinate all aspects of church life.

His passion is to start things that benefit others. Jim unwinds in walks, swims and at bookshops. His parents, Mr & Mrs Tan Kim Suan, are also baptized members of our church.


Danny Chua Kim Hoe – Deputy Chairman


Elder Danny is married to Chuey Hoon, with children Daryl & Deborah. He accepted the Lord in 1977 during a Young People Group’s (YPG) meeting, where he grew in his faith. Danny was Vice-chairman of YPG for several years.

He was discipled for 2 years through Navigators "2:7" Discipleship program. Having benefited from the discipleship training, Danny held 3 consecutive courses for the next 6 years. From mid-1980s, he taught in Junior Sunday School for 8 years before serving as Superintendent for another 4 years. He was the KSS Superintendent for 6 years, and is an Elder since 2006.

His passion is in the area of discipleship and wholeness ministry. His desire is that members enjoy a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ & are set free from strongholds to fulfill God's destiny in their lives. Danny currently works for an American firm responsible for the distribution management for Asia Pacific region. He reads profusely, jogs & roller-blades very regularly.


Roland Tan – Executive Elder


Roland joined S'pore Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) after graduating from NUS in 1974. With a Master of Divinity in the Philippines in 1984, he then served as missionary with his family in Hong Kong & South Korea (1984 - 1988). Roland is married to Ying Kheng since 1979 & had the gift of Julienne while serving in Hong Kong.

He returned to S'pore to serve 10 years with CCC's East Asia regional office, to help develop national leaders in 13 countries including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Roland earned a Doctor in Ministry in 1997. National Director of S'pore CCC from 1996 - 2006. He joined East Asia School of Theology (EAST) since July 2006, after raising a good leadership team to care for S’pore CCC. Apart from training others to preach, Roland also serves to bring theological education to staff in East Asian countries like East Asia & Pakistan. He was an SSS Superintendent for a good number of years, and an Elder since 2006.

His hobbies are music, action movies, in-line skating, cycling, and doing housework.


Caleb Chua Soon Boon – Executive Elder

Caleb is married to Seow Geok; with children Stephanie, Chris, and Zachary. He is involved with organizational development work as consultant & management trainer for 20 years, and has run his own business since 2003.

Having become a Christian since 1976, Caleb learned the Bible through discipleship groups & enrolled in the Institute of Biblical Studies under CCC. He Joined BFEC during University and was baptized on 26 Oct 1980. Caleb led cell groups at ATC (Adult Training Class) and was Chairman of ATC for 5 years. He is best known for organizing church camps almost annually for 6 years. Caleb was a Deacon for many years, and became an Elder in 2006 at age 50. He enjoys discipling in small group settings, and preparing for sermons. Caleb is always trying his best to be involved in weekly visitation, and his passion is to understand & preach God’s word for life change.

His hobbies include reading, cooking and ("if got money") trying to look around for new places to eat at!


Joshua Quek Mong Hua – Executive Elder

Joshua's early Christian influence came whilst studying at Anglo Chinese School. He joined BFEC in 1985 at age 32 after a born again conversion experience. Baptised in 1986, Joshua married in 1987 to Ng Bee Poh. He has three children: Dorea, Deborah, and David. Joshua is a lawyer by profession, and a Senior Partner of Lee & Lee.

He joined a 3C group (then BCG) since 1988, and has started and led various groups since 1989. Joshua has been a Council member since 1990, served as Church Secretary and Deacon and later Chairman of DAB. He was the Chairman of ATC in 1993 - 1994, and was appointed Elder in 1998. Joshua assumed appointment as Chairman of Elders Board and Council from Jan 2004 to end Dec 2009.

When not sparring in court or counselling members pastorally, Joshua unwinds silently in recreational cycling and enjoys going on short tours with family and friends.


See Toh Ming Yew – Executive Elder

Steady & approachable, See Toh started attending BFEC as a young teenager in the Boys' Brigade. He grew spiritually by being involved with the SSS & the ATC.

He also served as a teacher and Superintendent in SSS, Chairman of ATC and later a mentor to the Young Adults. Presently serving as marriage preparation counsellor, See Toh and his wife, Hui Ing facilitate the Alpha Marriage Course. A Deacon for many years and an Elder since May 2011, he is an under-shepherd to several cell groups. See Toh and Hui Ing have Laura, Andrew & Elizabeth.


Ng Geok Chye – Deacon 

Geok Chye accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord in 1978 while studying in the university. He was baptised in BFEC soon after and has remained a member ever since. Geok Chye grew in the faith through the ministry of the then ATC in church as well as para-church organisations in the campus such as Campus Crusade and Varsity Christian Fellowship. He went on to serve in the church as a cell group leader, deacon and Treasurer.

Geok Chye worked overseas during the last 5 years and returned to BFEC in 2009. He decided to leave the corporate world after 30 years to pursue God’s purposes for the second half of his life. He is currently involved in the marriage preparation course, organising the Alpha course and leading a post-Alpha cell group. Recently, Geok Chye signed up as a volunteer with the Prison Ministry International as a teacher. He is currently teaching part time in a Polytechnic.

Geok Chye is happily married to Nancy, with 2 children Esther and Samuel (also happily married to Kuan Mei). His hobbies include watching documentaries on History and Biography channel and golf. 


Koh Pee Keat – Deacon

Pee Keat started attending BFEC in 1983 and became a member in 1990. He claims to be blessed with a smooth journey spiritually thus far and thanks God for His grace & love for him and for his family. Pee Keat is married to Karen Sim since 1990 with children, Samuel and Samantha.

He accepted Christ in 1979 while studying overseas. One day during Iran-Iraq war, this disillusioned undergrad encountered the Lord in a dream, revealing a precise Biblical passage he had never known before. He was comforted by that message & subsequently called upon Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Pee Keat is a Deacon since 2006, and was the previous Church Treasurer until 2012. He is also a cell group leader and an under-shepherd to various cells.