Dear Parents/Guardians

We acknowledge that the pre-school years are a critical period for the development of children. The quality of time spent at kindergarten is crucial to future success in school. They help build a foundation for our children’s future, their development in later school years and their contribution to building the society of the future. The years of early development establish the foundations for learning emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically and intellectually.

Young children begin learning in a variety of environments before they enter kindergarten  –  in their homes, in playgroup programs and in the community. They bring varied levels of knowledge to any learning situation based on their environment. When our program helps them to explore the world around them and guide them through the transition from home to school, they benefit greatly.  Over the years, we have made  refinements to our curriculum to meet the objective of nurturing a well-rounded development of our children.

We invite you to take a look at our website and find out more about our programme and visit us at
our Kindergarten.

Wong Lee Pin (Ms)
Principal, Bethesda (Katong) Kindergarten



  • Bethesda (Katong) Kindergarten runs exciting programmes for children from 2½ to 6 years old, which uses an integrated curriculum that supports their holistic development.



  • Bethesda (Katong) Kindergarten has been a blessing to my family. We are thankful for the Christian love and values taught to our children. My eldest boy, Ian, graduated last year and still remembers fondly his time spent in the kindergarten.  The other day, he told me that he missed his school and teachers and would like to visit them as he has a school holiday. My younger boys are in the kindergarten now and enjoy school very much. I am always touched when I see the Principal, Ms Wee, greeting the children when they arrive. She even goes with them on field trips. I can see her passion, involvement and dedication for the children. Many of the teachers have been faithfully serving for many years and they are a great value to the school. My children have grown and learned much from the kindergarten. Thank you once again, Ms Wee, Sharon and all the teachers.  

    Mrs Linzi Decruz

  • Netanya looks forward to school each day. She would often find excuses to return to school (after dismissal) just to catch a glimpse of her teachers and begin another round of greetings and farewell. She adores her teachers because they are hands-on and warm. I am grateful to them for going the extra mile in providing a safe and fun environment for learning and growth. Yes, the programmes help a lot but it is the Principal and her teachers who make the differences!  

    Mrs Anne Chan

  • Personally I find the programme in Bethesda enriching. As both my children love the Arts, the strong Arts programme in school has benefitted both of them.  The values imparted are positive and though we are not Christians, we appreciate the positive behavior encouraged by the school. Apart from that, what I love about the school is that the teachers are very caring and friendly. I am really touched by the warm gestures of the teachers to show they care when the children are sick. For example, calls are made and cards are given whenever Lea and Eli are not in school.  

    Mdm Noralinda Binte Ishnin

  • It is an honour for me to send my kids to the same kindergarten I attended in the 1980s, knowing very well the same excellent education and values I had the privilege to experience will continue to be imparted by the teachers and staff today, some of whom have dedicated many, many years to make this kindergarten what it is today – a place for our future generation to start life with a strong foundation and the correct values. Thanks Bethesda!  

    Mr Kenneth C Bone


  • Bethesda (Katong) Kindergarten is privileged to be the recipient of several awards accredited by the Ministry of Education.