Dear fellow Frankelite,


Hi there!  Thanks for dropping by our very own website. While nothing compares to the "live" interaction we savour at worship services and in cell groups, I trust this website adds another exciting layer to our fellowship.  May we indeed stay connected in Christ!


This BFEC website includes features and resources that we believe would appeal to you.  For example, keep in touch with what is happening in BFEC through our bulletin and sermons page. Reminisce God’s faithfulness in the past by looking at our videos and photos. Update your particulars or fill up the online baptism form so that you can better connect and grow within the BFEC family.


But this is only a start. I hope you will make this your website and let us know how else it can better meet your needs. Better yet, if you wish to serve by joining our team of volunteers, do let us know too. There are plenty of opportunities to serve God, and you can read about the various needs in our ‘Ministries’ pages.


My sincere wish is that you would use the BFEC website as an avenue to connect with the BFEC community, and by abiding in the church and in God’s Word, grow as disciples of Jesus Christ so as to bear much fruit to our Father’s glory (John 15). Let us be ready at His return (Revelation 19).


Let's stay connected in Christ.


Elder Jimmy Tan

Chairman, BFEC Council


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