Council Members & Staff 2015

Executive Elders

Alex Lo (Chairman)

Jimmy Tan (Dy Chairman)

Danny Chua (Dy Chairman)

Joshua Quek Mong Hua 

Melville Szto

Roland Tan

Caleb Chua Soon Boon

See Toh Ming Yew

Ong Paak Loey

Chong Kum Wah


Advisory Elders

Tan Ban Cheng

Lionel Ong

Ernest Chew


Jason Sin (Grow@Noon)

Woon Chin Chang (Children & Youth)

Vincent Lim (Faith@Home, Missions, PFC)

Alan Goh (PFC)

Samuel Ng (Young Adults)

Daryl Liu (Grow@Noon)

Kiang Tzy Peng (WATCH)

Ngoo Chih Yuan (Estate)

John Teo (IT/Tech)

Sharon Ngoo (Worship)

Patrick Lee (Missions)

Michael Mak (Evangelism, Treasurer)

Liew Weng Khay (Women)

Koh Pee Keat (PFC)

Lucy Yeo (JSS)

Wong Lee Pin (BKK)

BFEC Council Members & Staff for 2015

 Council2015 3207x935


Front Row (L-R): Elder Ong Paak Loey, Elder Roland Tan, Elder Danny Chua, Elder See Toh Ming Yew, Elder Melville Szto, Elder Joshua Quek, Elder Jimmy Tan, Elder Ng Geok Chye, Advisory Elder Lionel Ong, Advisory Elder Ernest Chew, Elder Alex Lo, Elder Chong Kum Wah, Elder Caleb Chua

Middle Row (L-R): Deacon Ngoo Chih Yuan (S), Christopher Letchumanan (S), Deacon Michael Mak, Deacon Samuel Ng, Deacon Kiang Tzy Peng, Deacon Patrick Lee, Deacon Jason Sin, Deacon Alan Goh, Deaconess Liew Weng Khay, Deaconess Lucy Yeo, Deaconess Sharon Ngoo, Irene Wee (BKK Principal), Wong Lee Pin (BKK Vice-Principal), Jenny Suwardy (S), Chua Jong Haw (S), Mark Szto (S)

Back Row (L-R): Francis Soh (S), Deacon Vincent Lim, Andrew Quek (S), Lim Seow Cheng (S), Lindis Szto (S), Shirley Soo (S), Deacon Daryl Liu, Deacon John Teo (S), Loh Meng See, Deacon Koh Pee Keat, Deacon Woon Chin Chang, Pauline Chung (S), Tan Fang Fang (S), Kuah Leck Ping (S), Hwang Ching Yun (S), Seah Lay Khim (S), Clara Woon (S)

Absent: Advisory Elder Tan Ban Cheng


*S = Church Staff

*Advisory Elders are long serving Elders of BFEC who have since retired from active service but continue to remain as advisors to Executive Elders.


BFEC Pastoral Staff

Lindis Szto Lindis Szto Ong Paak Loey

Ong Paak Loey


Tan Fang Fang Tan Fang Fang Kuah Leck Ping

Kuah Leck Ping

Melville Szto Melville Szto    

BFEC Admin & Operations Staff

Francis Soh

Francis Soh

  • Church Administrator
  • Registrar
Shirley Soo cropped 

Shirley Soo

  • Deputy Operations Minister
  • Cell Group Administrator
 Ngoo Chih Yuan

Ngoo Chih Yuan

  • Estate Management
  • Facilities Booking
 Lim Seow Cheng

Lim Seow Cheng

  • Church Secretary
  • Teaching & Equipping
John Teo

John Teo

  • ICT
  • Tech
  • Comms
    (web, bulletin,
    social media, ...)
 Jenny Suwardy

Jenny Suwardy

  • Accounts

BFEC Mission Staff

Chee Seng Joylyn Daniel & Joylyn Lau
Willy Sharon Willy & Sharon Ong
 Hwang Ching Yun  Hwang Ching Yun
 Letch  Letch






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