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2013 April - Poised to Fly

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Published on Monday, 15 April 2013 09:38

Written by Administrator

Captain Sin from Singapore Airlines and Captain Suresh from Silkair, our parent-volunteers, held two interesting talks for our 1st session K1 children and 2nd session K1 and K2 children respectively. 

Besides introducing the different aircrafts, the cockpit, their jobs as pilots in charge of the aircrafts, they also showed some beautiful scenes of sunrise and clouds from the air. The children had a great experience interacting with the two captains, listening to and asking questions of them. 

P4111086 Small   P4111087 Small   P4111092 Small     P4111094 Small

P4111096 Small   P4121106 Small    P4121101 Small    P4121108 Small

                    P4121113 Small       P4121117 Small  

THANK YOU, Captain Sin and Captain Suresh,  for helping us to learn more about the job of a pilot! 




2013 Mar - Educational trip for K2 children

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Published on Tuesday, 05 March 2013 10:02

Written by Administrator

Our K2 children went on an educational trip to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden on the 28 Feb / 1 Mar. They had a great time discovering and learning in the garden setting. Through interactive play and exploration, they learnt how plants provide for their daily needs and cultivate an appreciation for nature and the environment.

P2281062 Small         P2281089 Small          P2281095 Small          P3011108 Small         P3011111 Small            P3011127 Small             P2281100 Small


2013 Feb - CNY celebrations

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Published on Thursday, 14 February 2013 12:16

Written by Administrator

The staff and children held our own Chinese New Year celebrations on Friday, 8 Feb. We had CNY songs, games and 'Loi Hei'. Through a quiz, our children learnt more about the traditions associated with Chinese New Year. Our K2 children even put up a Lion Dance for us.

P2081082 Small    P2081158 Small   P2081085 Small    P2081096 Small     P2081139 Small    P2081118 Small   P2081114 Small


2013 Jan - Orientation & Promotion Day

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Published on Monday, 07 January 2013 09:36

Written by Administrator

On Tuesday, 2 Jan 2013, our children came for their Orientation & Promotion with their parents.

 P1020930 Small   P1020931 Small   P1020953 Small   P1020933 Small    P1020937 Small    P1020938 Small    

          P1020952 Small   P1020956 Small    P1020950 Small   P1020948 Small   P1020943 Small 



2012 November - Visit to primary school

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Published on Monday, 05 November 2012 11:09

Written by Administrator

To prepare our K2 children for transition to primary school next year, we arranged a visit to Opera Estate Primary School on 1 November. Student leaders from the primary school guided our children around the premises and introduced the school programmes and facilites. Our children also had the opportunity to queue up to buy food during the recess experience.

PB010755 Small          PB010754 Small           PB010758 Small          PB010760 Small         PB010769 SmallPB010770 Small