2013 April - Poised to Fly

Captain Sin from Singapore Airlines and Captain Suresh from Silkair, our parent-volunteers, held two interesting talks for our 1st session K1 children and 2nd session K1 and K2 children respectively. 

Besides introducing the different aircrafts, the cockpit, their jobs as pilots in charge of the aircrafts, they also showed some beautiful scenes of sunrise and clouds from the air. The children had a great experience interacting with the two captains, listening to and asking questions of them. 

P4111086 Small   P4111087 Small   P4111092 Small     P4111094 Small

P4111096 Small   P4121106 Small    P4121101 Small    P4121108 Small

                    P4121113 Small       P4121117 Small  

THANK YOU, Captain Sin and Captain Suresh,  for helping us to learn more about the job of a pilot!