Jan 2016 - Traffic Advisory

Observing Traffic Rules.

LTA has received several complaints from residents that our Kindergarten parents have been flouting traffic rules which causes obstruction to the flow of traffic along La Salle Street. Parents are strongly advised to observe the following traffic rules:-

-       to ensure that the vehicles are parked in a single file as close to the edge of the road as possible so    that no obstruction is caused to the flow of traffic.

-       no parking within 6 metres of junctions (La Salle Street/Frankel Avenue) and (La Salle Street/Siglap Plain) and at road bends along these junctions

Please note that LTA has informed me that the Traffic Police will monitor the traffic situation around our Kindergarten premises and will not hesitate to initiate action against any indiscriminate parking.

Our Staff are on duty daily from 7.50 am to 8.15 am (1st session) and 11 am to 11.30 am. (2nd Session) Therefore, parents are reminded to send their child/children punctually to the Kindergarten by 8.15 am (1st Session) and 11.30 am (2nd session) so that our Staff will be able to receive them. This is also to avoid any traffic congestion that will arise in the school compound should children arrive later than the stipulated time as parents have to accompany their child / children to the assembly area / classroom.


Parking along La Salle Street

We are discouraging parents from parking their vehicles along La Salle Street and residents’ driveways as this will cause obstruction to the traffic, especially during dismissal time, and inconvenience to residents if they need to drive out of their driveways. Please do not park near bends too due to safety considerations for drivers who may not be able to see on-coming traffic around a bend.

Parents are also discouraged from driving against the flow of traffic as this causes confusion and annoyance to other motorists and also obstruct traffic.