For Parents

1. Reading Resources 


Help your child to be a confident reader    Read here

Activites you can do with your child - Number concept    Read here

Activities you can do with your child - Discovering the World   Read here

10 common mistakes parents made (me included)  Read here

Why some children struggle to read   Read here

Help my child read  Read here

Oxford Owl Reading  Read here

Tips for busy parents - Discovering the world  Read here

Essential guide to preschool math  Read here 

Parents' Portal (Zero to Three)   Read here 

Articles on Parenting (Focus on the Family)   Read here 

Developing the child's character (Focus on the Family)  Read here

Bucking the Entitlement Trend (Focus on the Family)   Read here

Teaching Preschoolers to be Kind  Read here 

Training Toddlers to Obey  Read here

Temper Tantrums (4 ways to calm a toddler)  Read here

Stop Refereeing your Preschoolers  Read here 

Mum, I’m Scared  Read here

Early Learning Fun  Read here 


2. Newsletter - Kidscope / READY 

It is available in softcopy below for your reading pleasure.

READY issue No 4 -  click here

READY issue No 3 -  click here  

READY issue No 2 - click here

READY issue No 1  - click here

2013 issue - click here

2012 issue - click here 


3. Grow@Beanstalk  Magazine (by ECDA)

         Click here    


    Beanstalk is also on FB


 4.  BKK is on Facebook