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Pulpit Series #01/2018

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Published on Wednesday, 03 January 2018 17:15

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Face to face

5-part Pulpit Series: Face to Face With Jesus

We know that God gives us strength, comfort, spiritual insights and gifts through Jesus when we come to Him in faith. Yet we are sometimes unclear about what Christian faith even means. At the start of the new year, we have chosen the accounts of 5 individuals who had encountered Jesus face to face. Grant that we may each seek him to deepen our walk of faith or simply to allow ourselves the freedom to explore and come to our own faith convictions. 

Date Topic Speaker
14 Jan

Face To Face With Jesus: Nicodemus

(John 3, 7, 19)

 Daryl Liu
21 Jan

Face To Face With Jesus: Thomas

(John 11, 14, 20)

 Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon
28 Jan Face To Face With Jesus: Woman who anointed Jesus (Luke 7)

 Elder Jimmy Tan

4 Feb Face To Face With Jesus: Stephen (Acts 6, 7)  Joseph Chean
11 Feb

 Face To Face With Jesus: Peter

(Matt 14, Mk 6, John 6)

 Elder Chua Soon Boon