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Pulpit Series #4/2017

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Published on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 15:46

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2017 Missions

In the sermon on the Mount of Olives, Jesus responds to his disciples’ queries of the signs of the end times with warnings about false Christs, wars & rumours of wars, famines, earth quakes and about believers being persecuted, martyred & falling away. An intriguing sign is the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom throughout the whole world as a testimony just before the end takes place. (Matthew 24:14)

This is one sign, all Christ followers can, and, should be part of. But, herein lies a paradox – should we do it so well that the end does come faster or should we tarry, so that we can enjoy our existence on this world longer?  Dare we proclaim as Jesus taught us to pray, “Your will be done!” (Matthew 6:10)

However, the truth is that, we are still “Facing A Task Unfinished” - as captured in a beautiful hymn by OMF missionary Frank Houghton. How should we order our lives then? How should we eat, pray and live?

This Social/Missions month, we explore different facets of the unfinished task over 5 week Sunday sermons, with testimonies by Frankelites involved in the different fields.

Date Topic   Speaker
2 July  Facing A Task Unfinished (overview)      Ps Simon Wan
9 July  Facing Other Lords Beside Thee   Elder Alex Lo
16 July  We Toil With Zeal Untired   Elder Melville Szto
23 July  We Bear The Flaming Torch   Willy Ong
30 July  We Go To All The World   Dr Tan Lai Yong


PUP Study on Nehemiah

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Published on Monday, 29 May 2017 14:55

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Precept-Upon-Precept bible study on Nehemiah

From 20 July 2017 Fortnightly Thursdays, 7.45pm - 10pm @ BFEC
How do you respond when the enemy tries to interfere with God's clear direction? The enemies of God sought to frighten Nehemiah as he proceeded to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah shows us leadership and obedience in the face of opposition, as well as God's miraculous blessing and provision.
From 20 Jul (orientation) to 19 Oct (closing fellowship) including a break for the Term 3 holidays.
Cost: $24 (includes course worksheets, refreshments, Mei Cheng's honorarium and admin costs). Add $4 for file, if needed.
Sign up by 30 June at



Baptism & Membership Class #2/17

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Published on Monday, 29 May 2017 14:23

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Baptism 2016

Baptism & Membership Class (2 to 23 July) - Baptism on 6 Aug

Baptism is more than a symbolic act or tradition. It has tremendous spiritual significance as a public testimony of one’s faith to our friends & loved ones. Jesus Himself chose to be baptised. We urge all Frankelites (aged 12 and above) who have yet to be baptised to sign up to get themselves ready. You will need to attend all 4 lessons, held over 4 Sundays (8.30-10.00am).

This will be followed by an interview with church leaders.
2 July : Session 1 "Our Salvation"
9 July : Session 2 "Baptism & The Lord's Supper"
16 July : Session 3 "Our Church Statements”
23 July : Session 4 "Our Church Strategy & Structure"

Membership Transfer : Classes are also arranged for all who would like to take the opportunity to transfer their membership to BFEC. You only need to attend these 2 sessions.
16 July : Session 3 "Our Church Statements"
23 July : Session 4 " Our Church Strategy & Structure"

Application forms for Baptism/Membership Transfer can be obtained from the church office. Please submit completed form by 25 June



BFEC Calendar 2017

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Published on Sunday, 01 January 2017 00:00

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Dates Event
1 Jan New Year Consecration Service (One Service at 9am)
5 Jan – 20 Jul Precept-Upon-Precept : Exodus “Let My People Go”
29 Jan CNY Bilingual Service (One Service with Chinese Ministry at 9am)
5 Feb Chinese Ministry CNY Lunch
7 Feb – 7 Mar BFEC Cares (Module 1)

8 Feb onwards

Every Wed

Evergreen Fellowship (Mandarin): 10.30am - 12.30pm for Chinese-speaking Seniors 
26 Feb Intergenerational Service #1
5,12,19,26 Mar Class 101 (Baptism/Transfer-In Class)

11,18, 25Mar;

1,8 Apr

Alpha Parenting Course(8.30am - 10.30am on Sat)
17 – 19 Mar JSS Camp
14 Apr Good Friday Service
16 Apr

Easter Sunrise Service & Baptism @ Beach (One Service with Chinese Ministry at 6.30am)

22 Apr Talk on Depression: Dr Leslie Lim
2 – 30 May BFEC Cares (Module 2)
14 May Parents’ Day
21 May 43rd AGM (One Service at 9.30am)
9 – 12 Jun Church Camp @ Renaissance Hotel, JB
2,9,16,23 Jul Class 101 (Baptism/Transfer-In Class)
3 – 31 Jul BFEC Cares #2 (Module 1)
7 Jul CPM Sharing by Tom Hamlin (missionary)
20 Jul – 19 Oct Precept-Upon-Precept : Nehemiah “Rebuilding, Revival, Restoration of God’s People
30 Jul 59th Church Anniversary & Seniors’ Commendation
6 Aug Baptism #2
13 Aug – 17 Sep Church-wide Prayer Journey
26 Aug Leaders & Teachers' Appreciation Lunch
2 – 30 Oct BFEC Cares #2 (Module 2)

15, 22, 29 Oct,

5 Nov

Class 101 (Baptism/Transfer-In Class)
22 Oct Intergenerational Service #2
26 Nov Baptism #3
18 - 21 Dec Grow@Noon Camp
To be confirmed Christmas Community Outreach
To be confirmed Christmas Service
To be confirmed Watchnight Service


Evergreen Fellowship

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Published on Wednesday, 01 February 2017 11:56

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Evergreen Fellowship (Mandarin) starting 8 Feb Evergreen

Chinese Ministry is organising a weekday fellowship in church every Wed from 10.30am to 12.30pm for Chinese speaking seniors.
Programme is in Mandarin and includes singing, games, talks, & other bonding activities. There will also be a healthy lunch provided.
Enquiries & sign-ups: contact Francis / Leck Ping 6448-1800.