Pulpit Series #07/2017: World-view Series Two

worldview 1Pulpit Series #07: World-View Series Two

Non-biblical worldview ideas bombard us constantly from television, movies, music, internet, newspapers, magazines, books and academia.

Because we live in a selfish, fallen world, these ideas seductively appeal to the desires of our flesh and we often end up incorporating them into our personal worldview. Sadly, we often do this without even knowing it.

Over the next 3 Sundays, we hope that the various speakers will help us capture and embrace more of God's worldview and trust Him with unwavering faith, to begin making right decisions and form the appropriate responses.




5 Nov

Virtue in a Virtual World – Godly Living in the Digital Age

Rev Dr Lewis Winkler(EAST)

12 Nov

Faith over Fear: Our response in an age of Terror

Prof Kumar Ramakrishna

19 Nov

I'm OK. You're OK. We're OK. Really? - Biblical Truth in A Pluralistic World

Jose Philip(RZIM)