Pulpit Series #2/2018

Pulpit Series #2: Ezra - A Restored Worship & A Reformed Life


The book of Ezra reveals the providential hand of God and his great mercy and faithfulness to Israel as they returned from exile and rebuilt the Jerusalem temple. Israel was also being rebuilt spiritually, being summoned anew to covenantal loyalty in faithful worship of God and obedience to his laws. Even as Ezra also shows us that Israel’s situation still fell far short of its full deliverance, the book’s focus on God’s faithfulness and the obedience and holiness required of his people speaks to us today as urgently as it did then.




Part 1 of Ezra: A Restored Worship - Rebuilding the Temple

25 Feb

Ezra 1-3: Return and Rebuilding

Jason Sin

4 Mar

Ezra 4-6: Setback and Success

Desmond Teo

Part 2 of Ezra: A Reformed Life - Rebuilding the People

11 Mar

Ezra 7-8: Law and Largesse

Daryl Liu

18 Mar

Ezra 9-10: Conviction and Confession

Quek Mong Hua