Member Services

Update of Particulars

In BFEC, we aim to serve the church by keeping an updated record of our members. This facilitates us in keeping you informed of the latest church events and important announcements. If you have a new email address, changed your phone number, or moved to a new home, please let us know by contacting us at 64481800 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




We urge all disciples of the Lord to be baptised in obedience to the Lord's teaching and example.

BFEC Baptism classes are recommended for those aged 12 years and above (also known as Membership 101 Classes) and are conducted twice or thrice a year prior to each baptism service. The dates and commencement of such classes will be announced in the Church Bulletin. If you are considering to be baptized, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of the baptism form.






In a marriage ceremony, a couple makes a public declaration of lifelong commitment to each other. Couples seeking the solemnization of their marriage in BFEC must:

  1. Both be baptized believers and worship regularly with BFEC (at least one spouse is a regular member of BFEC at time of application; and both must be baptized before marriage);
  2. be committed to attend marriage preparation classes.
  3. commit to join a new or existing cell group for mutual accountability and discipleship.
  4. undergo an interview with a marriage counsellor and the officiating minister before the Church can give approval for the wedding;
  5. have the intention of becoming members of BFEC if they are not already members;
  6. have 2 referees in the event of the couple being new and unknown to the Counsellor and Officiating Minister;
  7. submit their wedding application form at least 6 months prior to their wedding date (this is to facilitate booking of the church, the scheduling of the officiating minister, counselling etc.).

Requirements, Procedures and important pointers for a marriage ceremony can be collected from the BFEC office. In addition, please complete the online marriage preparation form so that we can journey together with you in the marriage process.



Childrens' Dedication

The dedication of each child, by one or both parents, is done during a church service, in the presence of God, and affirmed by the congregation. Childrens' dedication is usually done once or twice a year, subject to need. Such services will be announced in the Church Bulletin. While BFEC does not practice infant baptism, we encourage all members to "dedicate" their new-born to the Lord in our church.  This also extends to parents who have recently become born-again Christians and who now wish to dedicate their children too. Parents dedicating their child to our Lord not only seek God’s blessings and guidance in the upbringing of their child but also the loving accountability and fellowship of church members.  It is a time of renewal and commitment to:

  1. train each child to love the Lord and worship Him reverently in private and in public, and to study and subscribe to the teachings of the Holy Bible.
  2. lead each child, by precept and example, into the love of God and the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please complete the online child dedication form if you wish to dedicate your child to the Lord.




Although death has lost its sting to the Christian, it is nonetheless a time for grieving and caring.  It is a time when the peace and comfort of the Lord may be ministered through practical Christian love and support, understanding and prayer.  

In the event of a family member's death, members of BFEC are encouraged to inform the Church Office at 64481800 which will then inform the relevant pastoral staff.