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Title Description Speakers
2014.1 Living In The Divine Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon (Methodist), Caleb Chua Soon Boon, Jimmy Tan, Kenneth Wong (BAMK), Melville Szto, Rev Dr Danny Goh, Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn
2014.2 Our Identity In Christ Alex Lo & Chadson Ng, Danny Chua & Vincent Lim, Jimmy Tan & Nic Poa, Joshua Quek Mong Hua, Melville Szto & Daryl Liu, Nick Chung & Sam Ng, Roland and Ying Kheng, See Toh Ming Yew & Raymond Cheah, Tan Lai Yong and Noel Lean
2014.3 Nehemiah - From Ruin to Renewal Jimmy Tan
2014.4 - The Courageous Series Alex Lo, Ernest Chew, Jeffrey Goh (BBTC), Jose Philip
2014.5 When God Hears Us… Conversations with God & Communities of Faith Choo Chin Teck (BKC), Ernest Chew, Jimmy Tan & Sharon Ngoo, Simon Wan