Presenting Christ with Confidence - Sharing with Creativity

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Conviction for Sharing Creatively

- Finding Common Ground


The Context of Sharing Creatively

- New Paradigms


The "Tools" for Sharing Creatively

- Some Ideas to Connect


Questions for discussion

1. Everyone has a story...what’s mine? How has God "invaded" my story? What difference has it really made? How do I share/communicate my story to others? Why do people really need to hear my story? (It's actually God's story fleshed out in you!)

2. When it come to Evangelism, and reaching out to others, why is it that we tend to focus on an event, or a decision? Examine what causes us to orientate around an event, and not a process? What would it take to discover the journey our friends or family members are on?