Jacob's Family-Dysfunctional Relationships and the Grace of God - Joseph and his Brothers-hatred Erupts

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Sunday, 15 November 2009


Dysfunctional families and God's people

The story so far

1. Joseph’s Dreams

  • Joseph's first dream (vv. 5–7; cf. Gen. 42:6–9; 43:26)
  • Joseph's second dream (vv. 9–10; cf. Gen. 1?)

2. The Hatred of Joseph’s Brothers

  • Joseph's insensitivity (vv. 2, 5–7, 9)
  • Jacob's favouritism and its roots (vv. 2–3)
  • Hatred erupts (vv. 12–33)
  • Jacob's response (vv. 34–35)

3. Judah’s Family

  • Genesis 38: an unconnected episode?
  • Genesis 37 and 38: ‘narrative analogy’ (The narratives have the same structure at their conclusions: 37:31–33; 38:25–26)
  • What then is the link?

Conclusion: Flawed Humans and the Will of God

  • Human sin and God's purposes (cf. Acts. 2:23)
  • Sin always has consequences
  • A call to think about what goes on in our families
  • The folly of bearing grudges
  • A call to trust in God’s grace and to take necessary steps

Questions for Discussion

  • Do you agree with the preacher's analysis of the causes of Joseph's brothers' hatred?
  • How would you describe the behaviour of Jacob, Joseph, Reuben and Judah in Gen. 37?
  • Do you agree with the suggestion that there is ‘narrative analogy’ between Gen. 37 and 38? Do you agree with his interpretation of this 'analogy'?
  • What will you take away from this chapter?