His Word for me is Perfect so I must discover it

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Psalm 19 – God’s World and God’s Work 

Some of us are familiar with Walter Bruggemann’s classification of the psalms.  He gives 3 categories – psalms of Orientation, psalms of Dis- orientation and psalms of Re- orientation. This is a helpful way of looking at the psalms for our life experiences are similarly full of ups and downs.  

Perhaps one way of looking at a series of psalms:   

Ps 18 to 21:  Orientation   

Ps 22 – Dis Orientation   

Ps 23 – Re-Orientation

Creator God


God ‘s Work  v 1-6 God’s Word v 7-11 Col 1: 15-17
My hidden faults v12 Words of my mouth v14 Col 4:6
My willful sins v 13 Meditation of my heart v14 Col 3: 1-2


Redeemer God


A) God’s Work and God’s Word

Psalm 19 is beautifully crafted poetry. There are 6 verses on creation and 6 verses on commandments and prayer at the end of the psalm. First section of psalm about creation parallels with God as Rock in last phrase of the psalm.  In the 2nd section of Ps 19, God’s words parallels with God as Redeemer in last phrase of the psalm.  There are ideas of seen and unseen (creation is seen / God’s word is not seen). Thus the prayers at the end of psalm also covers that which is noticeable and that which is unseen


“Science tells us how the heavens go; the Bible tells us how to go to heaven” (Gallileo)


B) God – The LORD as Law Giver  

“Without the physical light of the sun and the spiritual light of the divine   commandments, all life will perish”  (IVP Commentary )

Note :  “Fear of the LORD” :  This is a somewhat “odd” term here amongst all the other terms that describe God’s Word.   All the other phrases describe the law.  V 9 seems an out of place line – it talks about fearing God and the law/statues/ordinances are not mentioned.  



C) God – My Rock and My Redeemer 

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.   C.S Lewis 




Conclusion : “The world in my heart” 

“Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God”.   Martin Luther 



Let words of my mouth and meditation of our hearts  be acceptable to our God.