His Word For Me Is Protective - So I Must Remember It

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Word in Your Heart - Dt 30: 11-16


1. Introduction 

God’s Word is very near you – your mouth and your heart.  


2. The Word in the Mouth and Heart

  •  The Word in the mouth.  

  •  The Word in the Heart. 


3. Scripture Memorisation and Temptation

  The example of Jesus.   


4. Scripture Memorisation and Transformation

  The parable of the Sower.  


5. Scripture memorisation and the Termination of Life

  Jonah 2.  


6. Practical Issues

  •  Regular habits are useful.

  •  Useful tools

  •  The place of experience  


7. Conclusion

Scripture Memorisation itself is not the end.  


Discussion Questions 

1. What are some key lessons you have learned from the   sermon and the biblical texts used? In what way would these lessons bring some change in your life?


2. How are Bible verses twisted today? Can you think of some examples? How would Scripture memory and Bible study help Christians encounter wrong doctrines and teachings?


3. How can the church help believers use scripture memory to help them overcome temptation, allow transformation to take place, and prepare themselves for the end of life? What is your own experience in these areas? 


4. Is scripture memory more difficult today? What are the causes and how can these be overcome? We tend to   remember what we learn by rote when we are young –does this have any implications for parents and those who are involved in children’s ministry?