His Word For Me Is Powerful So I Must Wield It


  • A story of an archbishop by HG Wells

  • A God who speaks from Psalm 29

  • The context of Hebrews 4


A. The Power of God’s Word (Heb 4:12-16)

  1. It is active (and effective)

      a. Fruitful in its ability (cf. Isa 55:10,11)

      b. Fulfillment of prophecy

      c. Facts of history


  2. It is living (relevant and pertinent)

      a. Comprehensive in its scope

      b. Contemporary in its setting


  3. It is piercing (and penetrating) 

      a. A double-edged sword: life and death 

      b. A discerning sword: soul and spirit 


B.  The Practice of God’s Word (Eph 6:10-20

  1. Knowing our priority: Back to the Bible 


  2. Knowing God and knowing self 

      •  Double-knowledge 


  3. Knowing the enemy and his strategies 

      •  Deception 

      •  Corruption 

      •  Opposition 


  4. Knowing your weapons 

      •  The 5 pieces: Knowing (belt), living (breastplate),advancing (foot), believing (shield) & holding fast(helmet) 

      •  The 6th piece: Sword – defense & attack 


  5. Knowing the Word: Back to the basics   



  •  An affirmation of the Word