Dishonouring God's Name

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Sunday, 08 May 2011

Theme: “Pitfalls & Promises - Malachi’s Message for Godly Living”  

Topic: “Dishonouring God’s Name”

Speaker:  Deacon Alex Lo 

Key Verse: Malachi 1:11 “My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun. In every place  incense and pure offerings will be brought to my name, because my name will be great among the nations," says the LORD  Almighty.” 

Scripture Text: Malachi 1:6 - 2:9


“My Name” appears 8 times 

“Honour” appears 4 times 

“Contempt/contemptible” appears 5 times 


Definition of dishonour

1. treat with disrespect 

2. cause to be in disgrace 

3. reject as unwanted eg. Bounced cheque 



1.   Dishonouring God with Bad Sacrifices (1:6 – 1:10) 

−  God’s name is great and He deserves honour (vs 6) 

−  Jews dishonour God by offering bad sacrifices (vs 7, 8) 

−  God does not accept bad sacrifices (vs 9) 

−  God shuts the Temple door (vs 10) 


2.  Dishonouring God with Bad Attitudes (1:11 – 1:14) 

−  God’s Name is great and He deserves pure offerings (vs 11) 

−  Jews’ bad attitude is rejected by God (vs 12, 13) 

−  Jews who do not keep their vows are cursed by God (vs 14)


3.  Dishonouring God with Bad Teaching (2:1 – 2:9) 

−  Priests who do not honour God are cursed (vs 1 – 4)

−  God’s true priests walk in uprightness and turn many away from sin through instruction (vs 5 – 7) 

−  Bad priests cause Jews to stumble (vs 8, 9) 



God’s name is great. He is worthy to be praised. God’s people must offer good and pure sacrifices in their worship of Him. They must serve Him with correct attitudes. God’s priests must teach God’s ways correctly turning many from the wrong path back to God. 


Questions for Discussion

 1. Why do you think we should give out best to God?

2. How can you ensure that you offer acceptable sacrifices to God? 

3. Can you think of other bad attitudes, worshippers of today have or display? 

4. We are all His priest (1 Peter 2:9). What are good qualities that God desires in His priests?