A lunch pack in the Teacher’s hand (Ministering in the impossible)

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Sunday, 25 September 2011






  1. (a)  Supernatural ministry and impossible ministry

  2. (b)  Supernatural meal for isolated masses

1. Masses and messiness

  1. (a)  Inherent cost

  2. (b)  Increasing challenge

2. Mindset and methodology

  1. (a)  Incalculable cost

  2. (b)  Importance of control

3. Moving and ministering

  1. (a)  Infilling of the Spirit promised by Christ

  2. (b)  Imitation of service standard set by Christ


Questions for discussion:

  1. Have you been evaluating any prospective missions or ministry involvements lately? To what extent does money feature in the evaluation? Are you stingy (Prov.23:6-8 NIV)?

  2. Discuss the personal service standard of the Lord Jesus as described in Phil.2:7-8. This passage tells us of the demonstra- tion of His highest standard of personal ministry. What is your personal standard of service when serving the Lord?