On The Road With Jesus

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Sunday, 16 October 2011






Key Verse: Acts 1:1 "...about all that Jesus began to do and to teach."




1. Four Parables – Teaching (Mk 4)


Point of parables


a. Soils



b. Lamp



c. Growing Seed



d. Mustard Seed




2. Four Miracles – Doing (Mk 4-5)


Demonstration of divine power over:


a. Danger



b. Demons



c. Disease



d. Death




3. Four Incidentals - Happening (Mk 6)


The prophet's privilege


a. Sending of Twelve



b. Beheading of John the Baptist



c. Feeding of Five thousand



d. Walking on Water




Questions for group discussion


a. Why did Jesus use parables to teach? What key points do these 4 parables highlight?



b. Is there a purpose in miracles? What do these 4 miracles show?



c. If you had been among the band of disciples who followed Jesus, what are your impressions from these 4 incidents that


happened while on the move?