Keeping One’s Focus

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Sunday, 06 November 2011


Sermon Notes:

As Jesus enters into Jerusalem, it is with the knowledge that he is close to the completing of the mission for which he was sent
by the Father. He no longer avoids the crowd, and even seems to deliberately seek confrontation with the religious authorities.
But he remains in full control, and keeps his focus.

 11:1-11: Sovereign & Servant – Entry into Jerusalem

 11:12-33: Curse & Cleansing – Fig-tree and Temple

 12:1-12: Prophetic Parable of the tenants about impending judgment

 12:12-40: Astonishing Answers 

For Reflection:

1. The people shout “Hosanna” (Save Lord!) unaware of what this would mean for God the Son (dying on a cross). Do we sometimes sing hymns without appreciating the meaning of the words we sing?

2. “Give to Caesar …. Give to God” – are there areas you find difficulty separating what belongs to God from what belongs to Caesar?

3. How can we make this church more like “a house of prayer for all nations”?