Preparing for the End Times

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Sunday, 13 November 2011 

Mark 13:1-37, the Olivet discourse, is also called the Little Apocalypse, because like its big 
cousin, the book of Revelation, it deals with things that will happen at the end of the world
just before Christ returns. This discourse is preceded by the account of the widow’s offering,
Mk 12:41-44.

1. Signs of the End – 4 Great Spiritual Dangers
i) Danger of Dependence on outward forms of religion – 13:1-4
ii) Danger of Deception by false messiahs – 13:5-6
iii) Danger of Distraction by turmoil in the world – 13:7-8
iv) Danger of Discouragement from persecution – 13:9-13

2. Two Events Telescoped
i) Impending Destruction of Jerusalem – 13:14-23
ii) Imminent Coming of Christ – 13:24-27

3. What are Christians to do?
i) To discern the times – 13:28-31
ii) To not speculate – 13:32-33
iii) To keep watch – 13:34-37
iv) To be fully committed to God – 12:41-44

For Reflection
1) As we look at events in the world today, what is God telling us in the light of Mark 13? How
should it affect the way we live, and our attitudes to wealth and success?
2) Think of one thing you can do now to prepare yourself for the coming of Christ. Do it.