Love & Worship that Matters

Topic: "Love & Worship that Matters"

Service: 8 - 9.30am and 10 - 11.45am

Scripture: 1 Cor 13 & 14

Speaker: Elder Jimmy Tan

Key verses: "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Follow the way of love and

eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy." 1 Cor 13:13 – 14:1


A. What Happens when our Love is Supreme (1 Cor 13)

1. Love puts q______________ into service. (13:1-3)

2. Love puts m______________ into character. (13:4-7)

3. Love puts e______________ into life. (13:8 – 13)

B. What Happens when our Worship is Spirit-filled (1 Cor 14)

1. Six vital ingredients of corporate worship:

O______________ (v23,29,40), P_________________ & Prayer (v15-17), P_______________(v6,26),

J_______________ Leadership (v29), E_________________ (v19,26,31,40), E_________________(v24, 25)

2. Prophecy

a. The Point of Prophecy

b. The Practice of Prophecy

3. Tongues

a. The Point of Tongues

b. The Practice of Tongues

C. Conclusions

Questions for Study and Reflection

1. How does 1 Cor 13 guide us when there is someone:

a) we find difficult to love;

b) we may have "spoilt" by how we love;

c) we may have "used" and forgotten to love.

2. What is the point of spiritual gifts correctly practiced? What should my attitude be when honest mistakes occur?

3. How can we prepare ourselves during the week for corporate worship that is Spirit-filled on Sundays?