Watch and Pray for the Day of the Lord is drawing near

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Sunday, 03 June 2012

Topic: “Watch and Pray for the Day of the Lord is drawing near”

Service: 8-9.30am and 10-11.45am

Scripture : Luke 21 Vs 5 to 36

Speaker: Brother Donald Foo

Key Verse: Luke 21 vs 29

BFEC 8am service on 03 Jun 2012


The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age.


1) Be aware of the signs of the times (Vs 8 to 28)


2) The key sign (Vs 28)


3) The time frame. (Vs 32)


4) The importance of watching and praying. (Vs 34 to 36)


5) Develop a longing for His return (2 Timothy 4:8)


6) Expect a reward from God (2 Timothy 4 :8)



Action points for cell groups

1) How do we encourage watchfulness and prayerfulness.


2) Can we visualise the Lord's return in our lifetime. Can we believe it.


3) Let us " stretch the chords of our tents " to live radically in our service for God.


4) Develop a love for the Jews and the nation of Israel and pray for them.