Jacob's Prayer - JACOB @ Jabbok

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Monday, 03 September 2012

A. We are designed to pray. Jacob prayed much while fleeing from Laban and heading back into Esau’s territory. What causes me to pray more ? Or to pray less?





Battling ....


B. What or who is Jacob’s biggest battle or opponent - the “E, F, G or H” ?


C. Who or what caused Jacob to lose sleep ?

Esau ? 32: 6

Fears ? 32 : 7 ; 11

God ?

Himself ?


• After the all night wrestling epic, Jacob (heel-grabber or he who supplants) becomes Israel = "God prevails"


• Not eating the tendon (v 32) is precisely what the Lord does not want happen if that happens alone.


“Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living” - Jaroslav Jan Pelikan (The Vindication of Tradition)



1. Jacob had to meet Esau – and Jacob was afraid. Share an experience of how you felt when you had to meet a person that you have wronged or have ill feelings with. What would you be praying about in these situations?


2. Jacob had all these difficulties in his adult life because of the rash mistakes and decisions that he made when younger (eg when he cheated Esau of his birthright). What are some of the mistakes that we are making in bringing up our younger ones today – mistakes that will have consequences in their future? What are some of the godly investments that we have put in our younger ones?