Singleness in the Church

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

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1. A place in the (church) family.

2. A healthy, holistic, biblical community and culture.

3. Male – female differences.

a) What stirs attraction and love.

b) Patterns of arousal.

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4. Men – women friendships in general.


5. Dating and courting.


6. Accepting one’s singleness.


7. The only assured way of finding contentment and fulfilment as a single (or a married!) is to know and trust that God is in control.


Questions for group discussion/reflection:

1. “A place in the family” – to what extent is this true of singles at Frankel?

2. What are some practical steps that BFEC can put in place to make it more true?

3. Was there anything in the message that you were unhappy or disappointed with?

4. What are the main take-home lessons for you?