Habakkuk - Answering Life's Toughest Questions - God, Are You Really Fair?

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

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Habakkuk was complaining to God about the wickedness happening in Judah, and God responded by saying He will send Babylon (a nation more wicked than Judah) to punish Judah. This seems rather puzzling and absurd. In today’s passage, Habakkuk follows up with another complaint. We look at this dialogue between God and Habakkuk to examine what we can observe about each of them.


1) Habakkuk appealed to God's attributes (1:12-13)

Attribute #1: God is ______________________ (1:12)

Attribute #2: God is ______________________ (1:13)


2) The unfairness of the situation (1:14-17)

Habakkuk’s unfair situation: The Babylonians were evil and godless.


3) Habakkuk wrestled with God in prayer (2:1)

(Psalm 73, Job 13:3,22, Exodus 32:7-14, 1 Kings 19:9-18)

Habakkuk’s name: To __________________, To _____________________


4) God's response (2:2-5)

Attribute #3: God is __________________________ (2:3, 3:19, Isaiah 55:8-9)

God’s righteous judgment (Galatians 6:7, Ecclesiastes 12:14, Psalm 73:27-28)


5) How should we live?

Christians should ______________________________________ (2:4)

Sometimes, when we ___________________ with God in ___________________,

we grow to __________________ God’s ____________________ in our lives.

Some guidelines when we encounter unfairness in our lives:

• A _____________________________________

• W_____________________________________

• E _____________________________________


Discussion questions:

1. What are the unfair situations in your life?

2. Do you think that appealing to God’s attributes and ‘wrestling’ with Him helps in your prayer life?

3. Which of the AWE guidelines resonate with you the most? Why?