Habakkuk - Answering Life's Toughest Questions - Will I Get Through This?

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

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Will I get through this?

The structure of Habakkuk 1–2:
• The present (1:2–4);
• The near future (1:5–2:1);
• The more distant future (2:2–20)

Structure of Habakkuk 3:
• Prayer regarding the near future (3:1–2)
• God’s acts of deliverance – past and future? (3:3–15)
• Back to the present: Habakkuk’s trust in God (3:16–19)


1. The Prayer (vv. 1–2)

The introduction (v. 1)

A plea for God’s saving work (v. 2)

A plea for mercy in the coming time of judgment (v. 2)


2. God’s Acts of Deliverance (vv. 3–15)
• A vision of the future? A description of past events?
• Echoes of exodus and conquest and...?
• Deliverance from a cruel oppressor
• The power of God


3. Habakkuk’s Trust in God (3:16–19)
• Habakkuk’s terror (v. 16a)
• Habakkuk’s patient waiting (v. 16b; cf. 2:4)
• Habakkuk’s unshakeable confidence (vv. 17–19a; cf. Daniel 3)
• The formal close (v. 19b): this is where Habakkuk ends his debate with God



How has Habakkuk’s trust been restored? Looking to the past, looking to the future.


Questions for Discussion
• How do you respond to the vision of God in 3:3–15?
• Have Habakkuk’s questions in cc. 1–2 been answered? How?
• Do you regularly look to the past and to the future when facing trials?
• ‘Most Christians don’t look far enough back or forward’: do you agree? How might we cultivate this habit?