The Marvels of Christmas - Shepherds Find Him...Recapturing The Wonders Of Christmas

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

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A. Introduction

The Absent-Present King

a. Demand Overload

b. Communication Overload

B. Recapturing The Wonder of Christmas

1. Love for the unlovely

Shepherds: Not trusted, not loved, not respected.

  Jesus and His Genealogy  
In the genealogy, we find that Matthew uncharacteristically mentioned 4 women: Tamar (1: 3), Rahab (1:5), Ruth (1: 5), and Bathsheba (1: 6).

God is crazy about you!

Jesus loves the unlovely.


2. Hope for the Hopeless

  Jesus and King Herod   
Jesus was born into a very dark world.

Jesus did more than a Cinderella

C. Conclusion: Jesus came into a messy world


Discussion Questions

1. Why do we often miss the wonder of Christmas?

2. Who are the unlovely in our congregation?

3. Why kind of hopeless situation have we been in? How has Jesus been the hope for us?