The Marvels of Christmas - The Wisemen Seek Him - The Incalculable Worth of Knowing Jesus

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

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a. If Jesus is worth knowing, He is worth ____________________

b. If Jesus is worth knowing, He is worth ___________________

c. If Jesus is worth knowing, He is worth _____________________

Questions for discussion:

a. King Herod and the wise men sought Jesus for different reasons. Can you share what these are, and think about different attitudes people have about seeking Jesus?

b. The choice of our gifts reveals how one values the recipient. Do you agree? If this is so, reflect on your degree of affection, worship and service to our Lord Jesus, and consider how important Jesus is to you.

c. The wise men had the opportunity to share about Christ to King Herod and the city of Jerusalem as they were seeking Him. Who are the people that you have an opportunity to share Christ with in your personal quest of knowing Jesus? How can you share with these person(s) within the next year?