Empowered By The Holy Spirit - How The Holy Spirit Speaks

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Sunday, 06 January 2013

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Why this text?


A Troubling Question for the Church

The Jerusalem Council and what happened there.
We need to reflect on how the Holy Spirit spoke to the church on such a crucial matter.


The Spirit Speaks Mainly through the Word

1. The Spirit spoke most clearly through the Word.

2. But was not what the Pharisaic party insisted biblical?

3. The Reformation teaching on the Spirit and the Word – a lost connection today.


The Spirit Can Speak Outside Scripture But Will Never Contradict Scripture

Peter’s experience


What the Spirit Says to You Must be Tested by What the Spirit says to Others in the Church

1. Peter, Paul and Barnabas.

2. Col 2:18-19

3. Impressions, by Martin Wells Knapp (1853-1901)



1. God still speaks today.

2. “Consider carefully how you listen” (Lk. 8:18).

3. Two implications.



1. Do you agree that the Holy Spirit speaks to us today mainly through the Word of God? Share from your experience what you have learned about the relationship between the Spirit and the Word.

2. How should we view the Bible – a “manufacturer’s manual” or “constitution for living in the Kingdom” or a “personal letter from God” or a combination of these? How would our views affect the way we listen to the Holy Spirit when we read the Bible and meditate on it?

3. If Christians do not hear the Spirit speaking through the Word, what would be possible problems? Why are faith and obedience, and a desire to listen important in this process?

4. In what other ways do you think the Holy Spirit may speak to Christians? Share from your knowledge and experience. What can go wrong in over-relying on such experiences, and what precautions need to be taken?