Not A Fan: Week 6 "Is Jesus Enough?"

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Sunday, 05 May 2013

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Outline - Is Jesus Enough?

I Why do followers drift away from God?

King Solomon’s spiritual journey

a __________ expectations

b __________ prayers

King Solomon’s conclusion: ________________________ Ecclesiastes 12:13

II Is Jesus enough?

God’s plan: No one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. John 14:6

  1. a  Jesus is our ___________

  2. b  Jesus is the ___________

  3. c  Jesus is the ___________

III Following Jesus with a __________ mind

  1. a  Do not _____________ to this world

  2. b  Be _____________

  3. c  Minds renewed by ______________ and _______________

Questions for Discussion:

1. How would you describe the meaning of life in general?
a. What do you believe is the specific purpose of your life?
b. What practices and disciplines keep you focussed on your true purpose and calling in life?

2. Would you defend what Jesus claimed in John 14:6 as being ‘the way’ to the Father instead of ‘a way’? And how would you do that?

3. We are told to hold fast our confession (Heb 4:14b). What are our responsibilities as His followers in this role?