Not A Fan: Week 7 "Dedication Sunday" Parable Of The Sower / Soils

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

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Outline - The Parable of the Sower

1.The Scene:

The Sower is ___________________

The Seed is ____________________

The Soil is _____________________

2.The 7 characteristics of the Good Soil:

It is characterised by____________________ It is characterised by ____________________ It is characterised by _____________________ It is characterised by _____________________ It is characterised by _____________________ It is characterised by _____________________ It is characterised by _____________________

3. My Response & Commitment: WHAT WOULD I ...



  • Another competing idol

  • Unforgiveness

  • Something I am enslaved to

  • A “stain” I have not confessed or forgiven

    myself for

  • My need to control

  • My schedule or plans

  • My idea of success

  • My criteria for ideal spouse

  • How I spend money

  • How I withhold money

  • Worry about future

  • Worry whether I can succeed as follower

  • “But first” excuses I’ve given to not follow


  • Being self-righteous or judgmental

  • A habit that has no regard for God; keeps

    me from fully trusting Him.


  • Commit to spend time with God daily in the Word

  • Invest in training to grow my faith

  • Reconcile with someone

  • Baptism though others may object

  • Join FIRE or CPM to pray with other intercessors

  • Identify myself as a follower to friends & loved ones

  • Share Christ with them e.g. thru evangelistic opportunities

  • Serve in a ministry that sorely needs more people

  • Consider full-time ministry

  • Crown Financial course to learn biblical stewardship

  • Visit and encourage the sick, infirm, lonely

  • Commit to be a godly spouse, parent, children, in-law

  • Join a small group

  • Trust God for my future

  • Persevere through current difficulties

  • Serve out of God’s love and not duty

  • Raise my family in Christ and not just in church.

Theme: NOT A FAN Service: 8-9.30am and 10-11.45am Topic: Dedication Sunday - The Parable of The Sower/Soils Speaker: Elder Caleb Chua Scripture Text: Luke 8:4 - 21, Matthew 13:1-23