Amos: Israel - Just Another Sinful Nation

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Sunday, 07 July 2013

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Amos: a welcome message until he got to 2:6!
The ancient Near East in the mid
-8th century BC: a time of complacency? 1:1–2:5: the coming disaster (Assyria)

1. The charge against Israel (2:6–12)

  • Economic injustice (vv. 6–7)

  • Exploitation of the weak by the powerful... with a religious veneer (v. 8)

  • In spite of God’s gift of the land to Israel (vv. 9–10)

  • In spite of God’s call through prophets and nazirites (vv. 11–12)

  • (How would Amos’ hearers have answered him?)



2. Israel’s failure to live out its calling

  • Israel and the nations in Amos (cc. 1-2; c. 3; c. 6; c. 9)

  • Israel’s calling for the sake of the nations (Exod. 19:4–6; Deut. 4:5–8)

  • Amos 1–2: a picture of Israel’s failure


3. The Judgment Against Israel (2:13–16)


  • ‘I will press you down in your place’ (v. 13)

  • Invasion, defeat: Israel’s fighting men will be helpless

  • (Just like the other nations: echoes of earlier prophecies)






Could this be us? Amos’ economic critique and C21 Singapore The differences between Amos’ world and ours; the similarities

Three issues


  • Employees

  • Maids


  • Simple life-style


A misguided reaction to Amos 2: ‘How foolish those Israelites were!’


Questions for Discussion

  1. 1)  Amos preached in a time of complacency: how can we avoid becoming complacent?

  2. 2)  Does God judge his people? For what reasons? What form does the judgment take?

  3. 3)  Should we be concerned about issues of economic justice?

  4. 4)  Issues of economic justice seem so complex: what can we do?

  5. 5)  How do you understand God’s calling for you? For your church?