Worship As God Intends

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Sunday, 01 September 2013

mp3 for 8am service http://www.bfec.org.sg/sermons/2-01_bfec_8am_sermon_on_01_sep_2013.mp3

mp3 for 10am service http://www.bfec.org.sg/sermons/1-01_bfec_10am_sermon_on_01_sep_2013.mp3

link to video for 8am service http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3lrmw_bADs#t=10m34s

link to video for 10am service http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrweUbXMf9E#t=25m19s


Part I
1. Worship pointers from Jesus (John 4:19-24)

1. Worship is an a______________ with God (v.23)

2. Worship can be f_____________ (v.23)
“Idolatry is the entertaining of ideas about God that are unworthy of Him” A.W. Tozer

3. Worship is both personal and c____________ (v.23)

4. We, His children, worship our F____________ (v.21,23)

5. God desires g__________ worshippers (v.23)

6. Worship must be in b______ the Spirit and truth (v.23,24)

Why ‘Dual Key’? We are primed to worship but we are prone to worship something else.
…Do we entertain wrong ideas of God and worship?

2. So what is worship?  Worship is our heartfelt response to God and His goodness.
Rich meaning in the Greek & Hebrew words: service, sacrifice, bowing down, professing
“Because I realise who God is and what’s He’s done, I worship Him every way I can,
with everything I am & have, everytime & everywhere.”

3. Priority in Spirit-led corporate worship – First, to glorify God. Then, to edify the saints.

“Glorify the Lord with me and let us exalt His Name together” Ps 34:3

How? 1) B__________ Him (declarative: praise, thank, sing for joy, shout, dance, amen, etc)

2) H__________ Him (contemplative: reverence, bow, adore, listen, silence)


Part II

4a. How do we worship? Meet Mary, Martha & Lazarus (John 12:1-3; 9-10)

  • They k_______ and l________ Jesus
  • Jesus k_______ and l________ them
  • They had s________ God’s power
  • They all encountered Jesus but responded to Him in d____________ ways

Mary… A______________ Him

Martha… S______________ Him

Lazarus…. T______________ about Him


4b. Four Lessons & Questions 

1. We worship God in all ways. Which way have I neglected and should grow in?
2. We worship Him as a Family. Do we cherish one another?
3. Don’t be limited by personality. Ask: How can I please God at this moment?
4. Don’t be a “Judas” (John 12:4-8) Am I a true worshipper?