Praise and Adoration

1. Introduction: the Purpose of the Psalms
(a) Conversations with God & Communities of Faith

(b) Character of these Conversations (PACTS): Praise, Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.
Praise ("Tehillim") (8,103,145); Laments-Confession (3,12-13,51), Thanksgiving (9,30,107), Law-Wisdom (1,19,37,119),
Confidence (23), History (78), Royal-Davidic-Messianic (2,20-22,110). Poetry in Music for Prayer and Worship.

(c) Call: "The Psalms are a resounding call for all God's people and for all the world to sing! We are called to sing songs of
confession and trust in God; to sing songs of thanksgiving and praise" (ESV Global Study Bible, p.729).

2. The Pattern of Psalm 92:
A psalm of praise, adoration and thanksgiving, "for the Sabbath", for seniors, and for all seasons.
This psalm has a pattern, ABCDCBA (Michael Wilcock).

3. The Points of Praise:

3.1. WHOM does the Psalmist praise? Whom do we?
“The LORD...Most High” -- Supreme, above all (verse 1, A1).
“The Rock” -- Strong support, below all (v.15, A2).

3.2. WHAT does the Psalmist proclaim? What do we?
“Your love in the morning, Your faithfulness at night” (v.2, B1).
“The LORD is upright…” (v.15, B2).

3.3. WHEN does he worship? When do we?
All day long -- “in the night” (v.2, B1).
All life long -- “they will still bear fruit in old age” (v.14, B2).

3.4. WHY does he praise God? Why should we?
(a) Because of what God has done and revealed --
“For you make me glad by Your what Your hands have done. How great are Your works, LORD, how profound
Your thoughts!” (vv.4-5, B1).
(b) Because of what He makes us -- “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,...grow like a cedar...planted in the house of
the LORD,... flourish in the courts of our God... still bear fruit in old age...stay fresh and green, proclaiming…”
(vv.12-14, B2 -- 7 characteristics).

3.5. WHAT do the wicked not see?
What does the psalmist WITNESS?
“Senseless people" do not know and understand God's ways, may appear to flourish like grass, but God's enemies will be
destroyed, and evil doers scattered (vv.6-7 and v.9, C1). However, the psalmist witnesses God's victory over his enemies:
“You have exalted my horn...fine oils have been poured on me. My eyes have seen the defeat of my adversaries, my ears have
heard the rout of my wicked foes" (vv.10-11, C2).
How do we bear witness to God's Word and God's ways?
Remember the last words of the Lord Jesus before His ascension (Acts 1:8).

3.6. WHO is the centre of this psalm, and who deserves our praise?
Midpoint v.8 -- “But You, LORD, are forever exalted” (D). It was because of Calvary's cross that our Lord Jesus is exalted.

4. Conclusion: The Psalmist's Picture of Godly People (Psa.92:12-15).
Just as trees and forests are essential to the ecology of our Garden City, and to all cities and countries of the world, so spiritual
trees and forests are essential to the ecology of God's Kingdom. Such trees must be watered by the Word and Spirit of God, to
bear fruit for His glory (Psalm 1).