Stand at the Crossroads (10am)

This Sunday (12 July) BFEC begins a 5-week series
on the Book of Jeremiah, taking as the theme-verse
for the series Jer 1:10: 'See, today I appoint you over
nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to pull
down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.' It captures
most of the topics we shall be exploring in the series: the sovereignty
of God, expressed in his call of Jeremiah to declare his will to Judah
and the nations; the inevitability of judgment for God's people when
they persist in turning away from him; the promise of restoration and
a renewed covenant after (but only after) judgment; God's purposes
for Israel and the nations.
There is much about sin and its consequences in Jeremiah and why
people will put their trust in anything or anyone other than God; but
also much about God's plans of salvation for Israel and the nations.
Jeremiah is the longest prophetic book of the Old Testament, and we
will only be touching on selected chapters; but we hope it will whet
your appetite for further study of this major prophetic book.