Dr Andrés Panasiuk


Dr. Andrés Panasiuk has been a pastor for almost 30 years. He also is a well-known international leader and conference speaker in the Evangelical church both, in the United States and Latin America. Andrés is the best-selling writer of 10 books and an influential figure in the Body of Christ around the world. Andrés reaches millions of people every day through his church-based initiatives, radio programs, articles, books, TV interviews, seminars and conferences. Dr. Panasiuk is the Latin American Director for Compass -finances God's Way. He is also the founder of The Institute for Financial Culture. These non-profit organizations continue to advance the vision and teachings of Dr. Howard Dayton and Dr. Larry Burkett in the area of Biblical Stewardship. Since 1996, Andrés and his team are responsible for training more than 78,000 pastors and teaching Biblical Stewardship to more than 21 million people in Latin America.
Dr. Andrés Panasiuk has a Degree in Bible and Communications, with an emphasis on Interpersonal and Group Communications. He has received two Doctorate degrees honoris causa-one in Divinity from a Bible Seminary in India and another in Business Administration from a University in Miami. He, his wife Rochelle and his three children live in Central and Northern Florida