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Du Jian Hua

Claire Nazar

Rev Ronald Yow

Ronald is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. He is also a certified life
coach (ACC) and trainer (ACTA).
Ronald lives in Singapore, with his wife, Jean and their two children, Carissa and
Rev Ronald Yow has over 18 years of ministry experience in Grace Assembly. He started
as a youth pastor in 1999. In the years that follow, he pioneered a young adult ministry
and eventually took on the role as Head of Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries
in Grace Assembly till 2012. He also founded and designed the ‘R.E.A.L Program’, a 10-week
fulltime discipleship training program for youths and young adults that has inaugurated
since 2002. Today, he serves in Focus On The Family as the Head of Faith Partnerships.

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Joshua Liong

He worships at Calvary Baptist Church. His wife is Sarah and has 2 teenage daughters, Shawna and Jasmine. Joshua Liong is an international speaker and trainer of many disciplines. He speaks on issues of youth, sexuality, parenting, marriage and faith. He works for Focus on the Family as their principal trainer. He is also the Senior Master Trainer for No Apologies®, a global character-based curriculum developed by Focus on the Family, that has reached more than 3.3 million globally.

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Aaron Ng

Aaron Ng currently serves with Focus on the Family Singapore. A TV producer before
discovering his life passion of empowering young people and families, he made a career
switch to manage a school-based centre for vulnerable children and youth. With 11 years of
experience serving youth and families, he strongly believes that every young person and
family is able to thrive despite the challenges they’ve encountered. Aaron is married for 10
years to Joy-Anne, and they both serve as teachers in the Children’s Ministry of Trinity
Christian Centre. He enjoys cooking and playing board games with his co-workers.

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