Worship Resources

I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.” Psalms 122:1


Worship Ministry Resources


The BFEC worship ministry has made available some resources for you.


  1. Song Book Software - Opensong

    BFEC uses a free opensource software called OpenSong (http://www.opensong.org) to manage our lyrics during our services.
    We have packaged all our song lyrics into a downloadable folder that you can put onto a thumbdrive to use during your cell group worship or wherever appropriate. Works on both Windows OS as well as Apple Mac OS.

    This is constantly being updated each week with our latest songs and sets. You may want to download it again every couple of months.

    Download it here

  2. BFEC Worship Song Chord Book

    We have compiled a word document containing some of the contemporary worship songs we have been singing during worship. This document is constantly being updated, so you may want to download it again every couple of months.

    You may download the document from here 

  3. Hymns of Encouragement (ver 2) revised 30 Aug 2010

    Some hymns can bring comfort in times of sorrow or adversity. Others burst forth as expressions of exuberant joy. We hope these hymns will be a source of encouragement. May they warm your heart and lift your soul heavenward.

    Download the PDF here 

  4. Hymns of Encouragement (Music Scores)

    This is the accompaniment music scores compiled for our Hymns of Encouragement, for pianists.

    Download the PDF here

  5. Caroling Songbook

    A google doc containing the carols sung by our youths to celebrate Christmas.