长老给教会关于 COVID-19 冠状病毒疫情牧会笔记

14 Feb 2020

A. Prayerful Mandate — Daily F.I.R.E prayer at 2020hrs every night from Sun 16 Feb
祷告委托 – 每天在2020时(晚上8点20分)进行 *F.I.R.E,同心祷告

Let us make time to spend precious daily time with our Lord to “be still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10). He is truly our refuge and strength! It is He whom we ultimate trust (Prov 3:5,6). Let us also together pause to pray, wherever we might be, every night at 8.20pm – alone, in 2’s or 3’s, or with your family. Whatever the duration, what counts is we pray as ONE Body of Christ for the following:-
让我们每天拨出宝贵时间在主面前“安静,因为知道祂是主”(诗篇46:10)。祂确实是我们的避难所和力量!仅有祂才是我们最终要信靠的(箴言3:5-6)。让我们也停下脚步,无论在什么地方,每天晚上8点20分 – 独自或两、三人、或与你的家人,同心来祷告。无论时间长短,最主要的是,我们以一个基督的肢体为以下的事项,同心祷告:-

  • Forgiveness for not always trusting Him as we should and any selfishness displayed.
    求主赦免 – 为我们没有时常信靠祂,也为我们所有的自私表现。
  • Thanksgiving for responsive authorities, committed healthcare workers, healing of those ill.
  • Many to know Jesus Christ through us. He offers what death cannot touch and ultimate deliverance.
  • Swift turnaround of this situation.
  • Continued protection for all especially those at higher-risk e.g. healthcare, transportation.
  • Healing for those still unwell and breakthrough in medical research.
  • Peace for all affected: churches, commercial institutions, those under LOA or quarantined.
  • Ourselves and one another to stay abiding in Christ and to seize opportunities to do good.

(F.I.R.E., started in 2010, means “Frankelites Intercessors Ready Everywhere & Everytime.”)
(*F.I.R.E 设于2010年,呼召全教会集体祷告的群组。来自“Frankelite Intercessors Ready Everywhere & Everytime“ –”福兰克主内家人 随时随地 预备代祷“ 的首字母缩略词)

Look out for our daily prayer post every evening (from 16 Feb) on our Bethesda Frankel Estate Church Facebook page ( and on Telegram (

个人 (和集体)措施

As Christ followers, we must not succumb to fear, panic or prejudice, or take offence when others do. Let us continue to assemble at Sunday services and in our cells (Heb 10:24,25). May we extend grace and love to one another to exercise these measures diligently even as we trust God.

1) Be socially responsible

a) While the absence of fever is no guarantee one is not infected, it is right that you stay
home and rest if you do have fever (>37.5C) or are showing infection symptoms such as cough or runny nose. If you have not checked your temperature at home, we ask that you do so as you arrive in church outside the Annexe to help you maintain this social responsibility. If you are running a fever, we ask that you go home to rest. (For your information, we had already started temperature screening at KSS and JSS last week.)

b) If you develop cough or a runny nose, please do not be offended if we ask that you put on a surgical mask.

c) If you or your loved ones are sick, promptly seek medical treatment.

d) Anyone entering the premises on weekdays during the operating hours of Bethesda Katong Kindergarten are to undergo temperature screening at the church office, as per ECDA guidelines.
根据 ECDA(新加坡幼儿培育属)的严格方案,任何人在平日,幼稚园正在进行的 时间内进来,请到教会办公室测量体温。

e) Church members who have spare surgical masks or can lend us extra scanning thermometers, kindly contact the church office (Tel: 6448 1800) or leave us a message on the BFEC Response Form What’s App/Telegram Mobile: 9670 1800.
会员若有多余的医疗口罩或可以借给我们使用的扫描温度计,请联络教会 (Tel: 6448 1800)或留言在 What’s App/Telegram Mobile: 9670 1800.

2) Maintaining good personal & corporate hygiene

a) As you enter the church grounds, please wash your hands or use the sanitizers before entering the premises. The duty stewards will offer you a hand sanitizer to help you do that. These are also located at the entrances of the Sanctuary, Annexe and Chapel. All our washing sinks are fitted with soap dispensers.
当您进入教会场地,请务必洗手或使用消毒洗手液 才进入各个聚会堂。教会已预 备一些消毒洗手液在大礼堂、副堂和华语聚会堂。所有的洗手盆旁都装上肥皂器, 方便您使用。

b) As announced, we will refrain from shaking hands during this period. May we extend grace to one another.

c) Our premises are cleaned each week. Premises used by Bethesda Katong Kindergarten are regularly disinfected as per guidelines by ECDA.
我们的场地每周都有做清洗工作。幼稚园的场地也根据 ECDA 的严格方案标准,固 定进行消毒的工作。


Should any of you (or your family member) be diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, please let your cell leaders and our leadership know. You may contact CPM chairperson, Letchumanan at the church office, Tel: 6449 1418 OR via the BFEC Response Form What’s App/Telegram Mobile: 9670 1800. We will mobilize prayer and offer any other suitable pastoral support.
如果有任何人(或我们的家人)被证实感染了 COVID-19 病毒时,请通知你所属的小组 长和我们教会的领袖。也可以联络集体祷告会的主席 Letchumanan 弟兄(教会直线 6449 1418)或简讯给 BFEC 教会回应 whatsapp 9670 1800。我们会动员祷告以及施与其 它适当的帮助。

“…Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld…” – 2 Chronicles 20:20
“…信耶和华你们的神,就必立稳;信他的先知,就必亨通。” — 历代志下 20:20


长老给教会关于 2019-nCoV 冠状病毒疫情牧会笔记

8 Feb 2020

Even as the world is concerned about the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, may we stay confident in God and continue to gather around the Lord’s table on Sunday and in our cell groups.
这时,虽然世界各地极关注 2019-nCoV 冠状病毒疫情,让我们依然在主里保持信心,继续在主日和小组里守主餐。

Let us guard against widespread panic by staying vigilant and informed through reliable sources like the Ministry of Health, Singapore website ( or whatsapp push notification at
让我们保持警醒,通过可靠的消息来源,比如,新加坡卫生部的网站 ( 或政府在 whatsapp 公布报告的 来取得最新消息,谨防普遍恐慌。

May we also see this as an opportunity to be worthy salt and light as our Lord wants us to be. To that end, we encourage each of us to exercise the following in love and consideration for others, as we gather on Sundays and along the week:-


Although the alert level has been raised to DORSCON Orange, we thank God there is, to date, limited community spread and that those diagnosed are in stable condition or recovering.  But in the event that any of us (or our family member) are diagnosed with the 2019-nCoV virus, please let your cell leaders and our leadership know. You may contact CPM chairperson, Letchumanan at the church office, Tel: 6449 1418 or via the BFEC Response Form What’s App/Telegram Mobile: 9670 1800.  We will mobilize prayer and offer any other suitable support.
虽然本地疾病爆发应对系统(DORSCON)升级到橙色,我们感谢神,至今,发生在群体的感染的人占少数,而且被诊断的病患者,情况稳定或在康复中。但是,如果有任何人(或我们的家人)被证实感染了 2019-nCov 冠状病毒时,请通知你所属的小组长和我们教会的领袖。也可以联络集体祷告会的主席 Letchumanan 弟兄(教会直线 6449 1418)或简讯给 BFEC 教会回应 whatsapp 9670 1800。我们会动员祷告以及施与其它适当的帮助。


It is right we each take sensible precautions based on measures advocated by the Ministry of Health, even as we trust God and serve one another in love. (Please refer to for the latest updates.)

  1. Be socially responsible 要有社会责任感
    Check our body temperature before leaving home. If anyone has a fever, it is wiser to stay home to recuperate and prevent further infection.
    b) If you or your loved ones have recently travelled overseas and have fever or respiratory symptoms, seek medical attention promptly.
    c) Should you feel unwell during service and develop symptoms like cough or a runny nose, do put on a surgical mask. Limited masks are available at the church office. 如果我们在聚会时感到不适,而且起了一些病状,比如咳嗽或流鼻水,请务必戴上口罩。我们的办公室提供数目有限的口罩。
  2. Maintain good personal hygiene 保持良好个人卫生
    a) Wash your hands
    frequently with soap. Hand Sanitisers are also available outside the Sanctuary, Annexe, Chapel and church office for your use when needed. 
    b) Frankelites may also wish to refrain from close/extended physical contact (such as friendly hugs or shaking hands) during this period. Please extend grace to one another.


Most importantly, may we ever watch and pray – together with others in Singapore and beyond – on behalf of the nations, our government, colleagues, families and ourselves.

Psalm 91:1-6 tells us, “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’ Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.”
诗篇 91篇1-6节: 住在至高者隐密处的,必住在全能者的荫下。我要论到耶和华说:“他是我的避难所,是我的山寨,是我的神,是我所倚靠的。”他必救你脱离捕鸟人 的网罗和毒害的瘟疫。他必用自己的翎毛遮蔽你,你要投靠在他的翅膀底下,他的诚 实是大小的盾牌。你必不怕黑夜的惊骇,或是白日飞的箭;也不怕黑夜行的瘟疫,或 是午间灭人的毒病。

Indeed, we can rest in the refuge and embrace of our Almighty God, the author of everlasting life. He gives us the very breath of life (Gen 2:7), sustains all things by His powerful word (Heb 1:3) and commands even the elements (Matt 8:23-27). And if you have put your faith in our resurrected Christ, you are blessedly assured of eternal life now and beyond the grave (Jn 11:25). Let us come before the throne of grace together:
的确,我们可以在全能的上帝的遮盖下得安息。祂是我们永恒生命的创始者。是祂给与了我们生命的每一口气息(创 2:7),以祂有力的命令持续万物(来 1:3),甚至命定大自然(马太 8:23-27)。如果你已经把信心放在我们复活的基督里,从今你就已得永生的确据,并超越死亡(约 11:25)。让我们一起来到施恩宝座前:

“O Lord God Almighty, with thanksgiving for your love and power, we come to you confessing our anxieties while entrusting the entire situation to you. We humbly pray:-

1. That in your mercy and grace, you would miraculously bring about a containment and swift turnaround of this situation in all affected countries.

2. For continued protection and good health as we go about our daily lives – especially the young, elderly or ill, and those vulnerable in the frontlines of essential services – be it in immigration, healthcare, education or hospitality. 
2.求您继续保护我们,赐与我们健康,让我们可以继续每一天的生活 – 特别是那些幼小、年长或病痛中的,和那些曝露在危险中的前线工作人员 – 无论是在海关、医院、教育或餐旅业工作的。

3. That you may grant officials at the national and international levels wisdom, boldness, competence and favour as they coordinate research and public health efforts.
3 当我们的国家和国际层的政府官员,统筹研究和公共卫生的工作时,愿您赐聪明智慧,刚强,能力和恩惠给他们。

4. For swift recovery and complete healing for the ill or quarantined here and abroad as well as calm for those in the cities undergoing lockdown.
4.愿那些病患的人或在隔离中的人,可以迅速康复和完全痊愈,也求赐平安给那些被 封锁的城市。

5. For all of us to continue to abide in our Lord Jesus, show practical love to one another and to look out for our fellow citizens, colleagues and neighbours.

Thank you that we can come to you with these requests, knowing that we can “cast all our cares on you because you care for us” (1 Pet 5:7).
感谢您,我们可以坦然无惧的把这些事项交托给您,因为我们知道我们可以“将一切的忧虑卸给您,因为您顾念我们。”(彼前 5:7)

Have mercy, Lord, as we pray this in the precious and mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.”

First issued by Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, 2 Feb 2020
Edited and updated on 8 Feb 202