PASTORAL NOTE (Issued Fri 14 May 2021)

Dear Frankelites

With the latest COVID-19 surge in community numbers, the latest advisory has capped congregation numbers from 100 to 50pax. However, in keeping with the spirit of the measures, we have prayerfully decided on the following:-

1. Sunday Services: English services (8am & 10am), Youth service (12noon) & Chinese Service (2 pm)

  • 16 May – No physical services on our premises. All to worship at home ONLINE. One English online service will be available from Sunday 8am. The Chinese service will go online from 10am. Youth service will meet on ZOOM.   
  • 23 May – AGM Sunday, as announced, will be online at 9am and on ZOOM at 10am. 
  • 30 May – We will monitor the situation and make another announcement regarding this date.

You may access our English and Chinese online services here: or

2. Creche, KSS and JSS 

16, 23 & 30 May, 6 & 13 June  –  No onsite meetings. Parents are to take the opportunity to bond with your children over simple faith devotions. Sunday School teachers will be in touch with you. We will update you if there are any changes or updates. 

3. All other Ministries & Cell Groups – In view of the restrictions, please arrange with your members to meet for Bible Study online till further notice. May we however seize this opportunity to look out for one another, and stepping up acts of encouragement for those feeling down, stressed, or unwell – be they believers or unbelievers.

Should you have any query on the above, you may contact Shirley Soo at 6448 1800 or email: Let us heed the latest safe management measures issued. 

Beloved, let us keep on praying for one another. Let us stay outward-looking in caring for others as well. Let us also pray for the nations that are combatting the virus with scarce or limited resources. 

“Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority… Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 2:13; 5:7) 

By His grace

Elder Alex Lo

Chairman, BFEC

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