Synopsis of 2 Peter

Does God’s grace to us mean we can indulge in sin without consequences?
Perhaps Christ won’t really return to judge the world after all?
For those tempted by such falsehoods, especially enticing in a permissive age, 2 Peter provides a timely pastoral message:
Reject such falsehoods, for those who live by them will surely face God’s judgment.
Instead, let us remember and hold fast to the word of God we have received and strive to be fruitful in our knowledge of Christ, growing in godliness and being sure of our salvation.

DateSermon PassageTopic/Passage Big IdeaSpeaker  
31 Oct2 Peter 1:1-11“Godliness and Salvation in the Grace and Knowledge of God in Christ.”
– In the grace and knowledge of God in Christ, make every effort to grow in godliness and confirm your salvation.  
Deacon Jason Sin
7 Nov2 Peter 1:12-21Remember that the prophetic and apostolic testimony about Christ is true and from God, and hold fast and live according to it.  Elder Caleb Chua
14 Nov2 Peter 2:1-22Be warned that false teachers and those who follow their false teachings and depraved conduct face the certainty of divine judgment.  Elder Ernest Chew
21 Nov2 Peter 3:1-10Believe God’s true and certain word about his coming day of judgment, regardless of how things may appear.  Deacon Vincent Lim
28 Nov2 Peter 3:11-18Make every effort to live holy and godly lives, in anticipation of the coming day of God; he is not slow to act but patient to save.  Elder Jimmy Tan
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