Jesus’ return (Matt 24:4-14) is certain. The signs of the end times will see the world turn against each
other amidst disease outbreaks, war turmoil and natural disasters that will result in great suffering.
Many will be left hopeless and in despair. Believers will not be spared. They will be persecuted, some
tortured while others face the loss of lives. Yet the worst of all, many will lose their faith and turn away
from God.
However, the end does not come without a complete proclamation of the gospel. Perhaps God will use
technological innovation and light-speed global communications to fulfil his purpose. However, the
judgement of the world beckons, and we cannot sit back and watch events unfold. God calls each of us
accountable for bringing the message to the lost (Acts 1:8).
This Missions month, we consider God’s faithfulness to BFEC and the progress we have made as a church in Missions. Our guest speakers will explore how global developments will shape the unfinished task of missions, as they also share about specific parts of the world where they have a missional focus. This will inform and challenge us about the role the Singapore Church can play to keep in step with this new and exciting journey. Last but not least, we look at what is BFEC’s response to this rapidly changing
landscape and how we can rise up and take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

3 JulyGod’s Faithfulness to BFEC MissionsElder Alex Lo
10 JulyLooking Forward In MissionsPastor Yeoh Seng Eng, Care Channels International
17 JulySo Far Yet So Near, StrangelySister Christy Lim, InterServe Singapore
24 JulyBFEC and The New Missions LandscapeDeacon Willy Ong
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