Pastoral Note (Issued Fri 14 May 2021)

PASTORAL NOTE (Issued Fri 14 May 2021)

Dear Frankelites

With the latest COVID-19 surge in community numbers, the latest advisory has capped congregation numbers from 100 to 50pax. However, in keeping with the spirit of the measures, we have prayerfully decided on the following:-

1. Sunday Services: English services (8am & 10am), Youth service (12noon) & Chinese Service (2 pm)

  • 16 May – No physical services on our premises. All to worship at home ONLINE. One English online service will be available from Sunday 8am. The Chinese service will go online from 10am. Youth service will meet on ZOOM.   
  • 23 May – AGM Sunday, as announced, will be online at 9am and on ZOOM at 10am. 
  • 30 May – We will monitor the situation and make another announcement regarding this date.

You may access our English and Chinese online services here: or

2. Creche, KSS and JSS 

16, 23 & 30 May, 6 & 13 June  –  No onsite meetings. Parents are to take the opportunity to bond with your children over simple faith devotions. Sunday School teachers will be in touch with you. We will update you if there are any changes or updates. 

3. All other Ministries & Cell Groups – In view of the restrictions, please arrange with your members to meet for Bible Study online till further notice. May we however seize this opportunity to look out for one another, and stepping up acts of encouragement for those feeling down, stressed, or unwell – be they believers or unbelievers.

Should you have any query on the above, you may contact Shirley Soo at 6448 1800 or email: Let us heed the latest safe management measures issued. 

Beloved, let us keep on praying for one another. Let us stay outward-looking in caring for others as well. Let us also pray for the nations that are combatting the virus with scarce or limited resources. 

“Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority… Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 2:13; 5:7) 

By His grace

Elder Alex Lo

Chairman, BFEC

Pastoral Note (issued 6 May 2021)

Dear Beloved,

In the latest efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the community, the government has issued guidelines for the conduct of worship services and religious classes. These are to take effect from Sat 8 May to Sun 30 May.

I would like to update you on the following measures for BFEC for this period:

  1. Sunday services: English services (8am & 10am), *Youth Service (12noon) & Chinese Service (2pm) will continue onsite.
    • These will be capped at 100pax per service in 2 zones on Sun 9,16 and 30 May.
    • We will follow the latest guidelines pertaining to the conduct of worship services.
    • Members are reminded not to attend physical services if feeling unwell, have visited TTSH during the period in question or are already under Stay Home Notice.


      *On Sun 9 May, the Youth Service had already planned not to meet in view of Mother’s Day. They will gather physically on Sun 16 and 30 May.

      On Sun 23 May, i.e. AGM Sunday, there will not be any onsite services, as announced in our previous correspondence. We will meet online: 9am – on Youtube and Facebook; and at 10am – on Zoom. Members are reminded to pre-register for AGM.

      You may wish to save this link to register for physical services here:

      You may access our English and Chinese online services here: or

  2. Crèche, KSS & JSS will NOT gather physically this Sun 9 May. Although religious classes are permitted, we have decided to suspend physical gatherings for our children for one Sunday in keeping with the spirit of the advisory. As it is also Mother’s Day, let us take the opportunity to honour or do something meaningful as a family for our mums.

    However, Crèche, KSS and JSS will gather physically again on Sun 16 and 30 May, observing all safe distancing measures. Do remember to register your child on those Sundays. (Note: On Sun 23 May, there will not be JSS, KSS and Crèche as it is AGM Sunday.)
  1. All other church ministries will not meet physically but online until further notice, even as we monitor the situation. These include: IFM, 40:31, Ladies Group, Evergreen fellowship, Jesus Club, Table Tennis, CPM, CCsg Limousine.

  2. Cell Groups are encouraged to continue gathering to spur one another during this time – be it onsite or online, subject to current safe distancing measures. E.g. If booking with the church office to meet in church premises: groups of 5 separated from other groups of 5 by 1m; masks on. If gathering in homes: maximum 5 (instead of 8) unique visitors per household.

  3. Should you have any query on the above, you may contact Shirley Soo at 6448 1800 or email: Meanwhile, let us continue to do our part and heed all other relevant safe management measures issued by the authorities.

  4. Let us especially uphold our nation, all affected and those in the frontlines in fervent prayers before the throne of grace, even as we look to Him for continued protection and healing from the ravages of the pandemic not just for Singapore but the rest of the world.

“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”

Psalm 62:8

In His grace,
Elder Alex Lo
On behalf of BFEC Council

Notice of 47th Annual General Meeting on 23 May 2021

To all Baptised and Transferred-in Members

BFEC 47th Annual General Meeting on Sunday 23 May 2021

  1. It is the privilege of members to participate in this AGM service not as a formal duty but as a time for celebration and mutual accountability. Our Lord is present even on AGM Sunday.

  2. Notice is hereby given that BFEC’s 47th AGM service will be held on Sunday 23 May 2021. As the authorities have capped AGMs to a limit of 50 pax (unlike the quota for church service), this year’s AGM service will again be conducted virtually, as follows:-.

    Date: Sunday 23 May 2021

    Part 1: 9.00 am – AGM Worship Service (Worship, Message, Lord’s Supper) via usual ONLINE platforms ( or
    (As explained, do note that there WILL NOT BE any onsite/physical service.)

    Part 2: 10.00am – AGM continues ONLINE on LIVE ZOOM session (e.g. Reports, Accounts etc)

  3. To participate in the AGM is to affirm your membership to the BFEC family, for no church can function healthily without members affirming their regular participation in their local church. As such, Article 5 of our Articles of Association states: “All members of the church shall at such intervals and in such manner, as may be required by the Church Council, affirm their membership failing which such members shall be transferred from the Register of members to a subsidiary register upon which their membership shall ipso facto be suspended, provided that the Church Council shall have the discretion to restore a person where a reasonable explanation has been given.” So let us make it our goal to affirm our membership once again at this AGM service.

  4. This year, the Elders are pleased to inform members of the following:

    Election of New Deacon: Lee Yen Ter

  5. Members, with the AGM conducted online, please check your email for:

    5.1 PRE-REGISTRATION: we need you to pre-register your attendance at the link indicated in your email by 15 May 2021.
    5.2 LINK TO THE ZOOM SESSION: this will be provided after you submit your pre-registration.
    5.3 LINK TO ONLINE COPIES: The Notice of Agenda of AGM, 2020 Annual Report & Audited Accounts and Minutes of the last AGM will be made available for viewing online.

  6. Updating Email and Mobile contact: However, if you did not receive the email, do ensure you update your email address and mobile contact with the church office at 96701800 immediately so that we can resend the links to you.

  7. Printed Copies: The aforesaid documents will be made available upon request (SMS or WhatsApp to 96701800). These may be collected through a prior appointment made at the BFEC church office between 3 May – 14 May.

  8. Questions & Answers: With the time constraints of an online AGM and in the interest of giving opportunities for prayerfully considered questions and answers, the Council invites members who have questions to submit them in writing to the Church Secretary. Email to by 15 May 2021. During the AGM, priority will be given to answering these written questions and thereafter, to clarifications arising out of the presentations given.

  9. I am confident the Lord will be pleased and all of us mutually blessed.

In Him,
Elder Alex Lo, Chairman, BFEC

Sermon Series #2 (28 March – 13 June) What We Believe – The Apostles’ Creed

The Apostles’ Creed is a declaration of faith recognized by all branches of true Christianity. For 2,000 years the Apostles’ Creed has served as a succinct statement of the irreducible minimum of the Christian faith. It is the common heritage of the true Christian church. It offers a broad survey of Christian doctrine that focuses all on God as the object of our faith, and what he has done for believers. In this declaration of beliefs, the God the Christian church believes in is sharply distinguished from all others. The authority of these statements of belief embodied in the Apostles’ Creed lies entirely on the Word, that is the Bible, and not on any personal or private interpretations. It follows then that a person who professes to be a Christian must therefore subscribe or believe in everything stated in this creed, at the very least, as a start of what the Christian must believe. Since what we believe about God guides our behaviour, let us therefore grasp and apply these truths so that we may truly live, with full conviction, as we ought.

28 MarchI believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.  Dr Marty Foord (ETCA – Evangelical Theological College of Asia )
4 April (Easter Sunday)  I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord,  Elder Ernest Chew
11 Aprilwho was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary,  Deacon Jason Sin
18 Aprilsuffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; he descended to the dead.  Elder Melville Szto
25 AprilOn the third day he rose again;Elder Jimmy Tan
2 Mayhe ascended into heaven, he is seated at the right hand of the Father,  Kenneth Wong (Bethesda Ang Mo Kio)
9 MayMOTHER’S DAY  (Open Topic)Joseph Chean (Youth With A Mission)
16 May and he will come to judge the living and the dead.  Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon
30 MayI believe in the Holy Spirit,  Elder Caleb Chua Soon Boon
6 Junethe holy catholic Church, the communion of saints,  Elder Daryl Liu
13 Junethe forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.  Dr Lai Pak Wah (BGST)

Volunteering Opportunities at KampUng SIglap

We have new volunteering opportunities at Kampung Siglap.

You may wish to volunteer at NHCS led retreat programs for families, individuals or children/youths as:

  • a befriender
  • part of the program team
  • male chaperones

and/or be involved in BFEC led community engagements:

  • Community Gardening (every Sat morning 8.30am – 11.30am)
  • Gardening Workshops
  • Black Ops (Nerf) – Donations of guns, bullets, vests, goggles
  • Tchoukball exhibition game and club formation
  • Music/Ukelele program
  • Others (such as engaging alumni of Siglap Primary School, etc.)

Do check out for the dates and to sign up.

Baptism & Membership Class #1/2021 (2, 9, 16 and 23 March) with Baptism on Easter Sunday, 4 April

Baptism is a public proclamation of our faith, that we will follow Jesus as Lord, having believed in Him as the One who died for our sins to be reconciled to God.
Come attend the 4 online baptism classes to prepare yourself & clarify your convictions as we learn more about how to grow & serve together in this BFEC community.
The classes will be conducted on Google Meet, Tue nights 8 – 9.30pm
Membership Transfer: You only need to attend 2 sessions on 16 and 23 March.
Application form for Baptism/Membership or
Email completed form to, and attach with one recent photo by 28 Feb.