Pulpit Series Three: 2-part sermons

How do we tell others about something as precious as our faith without fearing being tongue tied?

And how do we get around the obstacle of hearts that claim no need for Christ?

Yet the truth is we are His witnesses empowered by His very Holy Spirit.

Let us learn from Dr Ng Tjoh Dju over 2 Sundays, the spiritual weapons we have to effectively pray for lost ones and simple handles to help us winsomely share the Good News.

Pulpit Series 1 (b) on Isaiah 46 to 49 — Supreme God, Suffering Servant – Our Sure Hope of Salvation

The prophecy of Isaiah addressed sinful Judah. They had forsaken the Lord and thus suffered God’s judgement by the Babylonians. In Isaiah 40-55 (which we are covering for the first half of the year), God spoke to the future of the people of Judah. Despite their sinfulness, God would not abandon them. He wanted them to trust in Him, reminding them ofHis majestic sovereignty over the world, and His steadfast love and commitment to them. A 2nd & greater exodus is promised through the Servant of the Lord. Isaiah’s message is still relevant today.

Equipping For Ministry (2019)

The Equipping For Ministry (EFM) Program is an intentional mentoring & discipleship program which aims to equip followers of Christ

  • in a foundational study of God’s word
  • in personal & group ministry & leadership skills

so that each person may be complete in Christ (Col 1:28) and may be equipped for the work of service to the building up of the body of Christ (Eph 4:12)

“Know Your Clients” Workshop (revised date) – Getting Ready to volunteer and serve

A workshop to help us experience/understand the day-to-day circumstances & decisions that the underprivileged in S’pore need to manage.

24 Feb (Sun) 1pm-3.30pm @ Upp. Rm                                                    Volunteer briefing:12.30pm
Participants: 21 max                                                                                       Volunteers needed: 10

Participants & volunteers attending this run do so with the mind of learning and help to organise/lead the same workshops in the future for more church members.

Sign up through this link http://bit.ly/2RIoxxa