Baptism and Membership Class #3 – 21 Oct, 28 Oct, 4 Nov and 11 Nov (Baptism on 2 Dec 2018)

And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptised and wash your sins away, calling on his name.” (Acts 22:16).

Come and attend baptism classes to prepare yourself & clarify your convictions as we learn more about how to grow & serve together in this BFEC community.

For Membership Transfer: Classes are also arranged for those who wish to transfer their membership to BFEC. You only need to attend 2 sessions on 4 & 11 Nov.

Application forms for Baptism/Membership Transfer can be obtained from the church office or downloaded from  or

Completed forms with one photo (can be softcopy) should be submitted to church office or emailed to by 14 Oct.

Children’s Day celebrations and Holiday

We will be celebrating Children’s Day on Thursday, 4 Oct.

Children are to come to school in their shorts and T-shirts at the following hours:

  • 8.15 to 9.15am (for 1st session children)
  • 9.45 to 10.45am (for 2nd session children)

Friday, 5 Oct is a school holiday for children.

Classes will resume on Monday, 8 Oct

2018 Mid-Autumn Event

Special WATCh Workshop on Haggai, “Reading Haggai for Yourself”

Special WATCh Workshop on Haggai, “Reading Haggai for Yourself” next Sat 22 Sep, 9am – 12 nn*
In tandem with BFEC’s Haggai sermon series (23 Sep – 14 Oct), we wish to invite you to attend the following workshop conducted by Jason Sin from BFEC’s WATCh team:
Date: Sat 22 Sep 2018
Time: 9 am to 12 noon
Venue: Chapel
This workshop aims to help you to read and understand Haggai more knowledgeably and accurately :
a) by showing you how to do a structural outline of the book,
b) by identifying its main theme and the main purpose by yourself,
c) skills which will be handy for any Bible study.
You may forward this information to any Frankelites in your group who are interested to discover the Word for themselves.
Do pm me by _Wed 19 Sep_, so that I can get ready the materials needed for the workshop.
Thank you, Seow Cheng 91081935

Haggai – Consider Your Ways (4-part Sermon Series) 23 Sep to 14 Oct 2018

Every generation of believers must seek first the kingdom of God. In the book of Haggai, the prophet admonishes and ex-horts the post-exilic community of Israel to prioritise the restoration of God’s temple in Jerusalem over their own pursuits. In doing so, Haggai reminds us of the centrality of God’s presence, provision and purpose and thus the proper priorities of his people. In a world of ever-increasing attractions and concerns which clamour for our attention, Haggai has much to teach us about keeping God and his purposes the main thing.

Date Topic Speaker
23 Sep Dereliction and Devotion (1:1-15) Elder Caleb Chua
30 Sep Disheartenment and Hope (2:1-9) Dr Tan Lai Yong
7 Oct Blight and Blessing (2:10-19) Kenneth Wong
14 Oct Servant and Sovereign (2:20-23) Elder Ernest Chew

Empower Weekend – 7 & 8 Sep, Fri and Sat, BFEC Sanctuary

God’s purpose for us is to be always filled with the Spirit and keeping in step with Him. But how do we live in His presence daily, overcoming obstacles that come while living courageously in these times? Come for these 2 half-day sessions. Be ministered as we worship together, instructed as we listen to the word, and released into times of refreshing.

Date and Time :
7 Sep, Fri 7.00pm-9.30pm: with dinner
8 Sep, Sat 8.30am – 12.30pm with breakfast, tea break.

Facilitators: Elders together with Dr. Freddy Boey & SP Lawrence Chua

Registration is required. Please sign up outside the Annexe after Sunday Services or click this link

Church Wide Series In Aug/Sep 2018: Seeking The Holy Spirit


What does God’s word say about who the Holy Spirit is and how He “operates”? How does He make a difference in our lives even as we encounter suffering and trials? Let us journey together to get to know better the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. May we be empowered and transformed as we seek to be filled with and led by Him!

In this church-wide series, we will have:

· a six-part pulpit series

· a 30 Day family devotional pack based on the “Fruit of the Spirit” – to encourage discipleship within families, but which can also be used personally.

· six Bible Study sessions

We will also have an Empower Weekend (Fri 7 & Sat 8 Sep) for you to experience extended times of reflection and ministry based on God’s word.

The Six-Part Sermons:

Date Topic Speaker
12 Aug Just who is the Holy Spirit? Elder Jimmy Tan
19 Aug The Holy Spirit – our Life-giver and Advocate Elder Melville Szto
26 Aug

(Note: Baptism  @ 10am)

The Holy Spirit – our Sanctifier (1)


Elder Jimmy Tan
2 Sep The Holy Spirit – our Sanctifier (2) Elder Jimmy Tan
9 Sep The Holy Spirit – our Illuminator Elder Danny Chua
16 Sep The Holy Spirit – our Anointer Elder Jimmy Tan


2018 National Day Observance Ceremony