QUESTION 1: What if I or my family members are issued a Stay Home Notice (SHN), Quarantine Order (QO) or Leave of Absence (LOA)?

Being away from church but still connected

If you have directly received a QO or SHN from MOH ( MOH | News Highlights) OR if you fall under the LOA category of MOE pertaining to returning staff and students, (Press Releases), you must adhere to the relevant measures stipulated.

If you are a family member (not issued with any of these), you are not required to practice LOA. However, you may choose to do so as an additional precaution.

If you were not issued any SHN from the authorities but have recently returned from any country, we ask that you consider a 14-day self-imposed LOA.

When you are not attending church services, we encourage you to join us via live stream:

Who to inform first?

Fang Fang: / 6449 7047

Shirley: / 6449 7215

If you have received QO, LOA or SHN from MOH/MOE, please inform your church leaders via sister Tan Fang Fang or Shirley Soo.

Please do this FIRST before even informing any other church or cell member. We understand it can be a confusing experience for you or your family. We will help you navigate by extending guidance and prayer, so as to provide pastoral care and reduce undue alarm in others.

Visit this link for more info: Things to know if you’ve been issued a Stay-Home Notice

QUESTION 2: Given the call to practice social distancing (as a means to lower risk of transmission within our community), should cell groups continue to meet?

As long as we are not in Dorscon Red, there is no need for non-seniors to avoid meeting in small groups physically. While we have been clearly instructed to practice social distancing, we as a church must not forget our privilege to cultivate spiritual proximity. We must draw near to our Lord and stay abiding in Him. We are also to obey the scriptural injunction not to forsake regular fellowship.

At the present time, we urge cell groups, as far as practicable, not to stop gathering physically so long as adequate measures are put in place (e.g. sit apart, don’t extend meeting time, practice personal hygiene, etc).

Seniors, those unwell, or those on SHN, LOA, QO are encouraged, wherever possible, to be connected virtually to the group or each other (via Zoom, Google meet, Skype).

Cell leaders – Please consult your shepherd if you or your group has any query or concern.

QUESTION 3: With the current and anticipated spike in COVID-19 infection, will our church be making any revisions to the way we gather for worship services?

Government advisory to churches

In a recent meeting with church leaders, the Coordinating Minister advised against the blanket suspension of worship services. Only churches with contact with those infected need to suspend for disinfection. He added that it would serve little purpose in stopping the spread when the rest of society was still open. The main means of transmission is close contact with an infected person (through droplets picked up or via touching of surfaces).

MOH emphasizes the maintaining of safe distances and the limit of 250 per gathering in any social gathering (be it in church, at cell, when speaking with another in person).

Except for families, there must be a space of at least 1m between worshippers. We are also encouraged to reduce singing time (to reduce spreading of droplets) in favour of more public reading of the word.

In view of the above, and despite how other denominations/congregations may presently decide, we will prayerfully continue to participate in worship services in church each week for our usual services.

Option to meet as a cell on Sunday

From Sunday 29 March, while church services will continue, we will offer cells the opportunity to plan to gather in homes and join the church via live stream on Sunday.

Cells on steward-duty will still need to serve at the church service. Other cells that choose this option may choose to do this on every Sunday, on alternate weeks or on certain weeks each month.

To illustrate: If your cell wishes to meet this way, they can join in at 8am or 10am on Sunday, followed by a time of Bible Study discussion. So during this time, if your cell currently meets on a weeknight, you can opt to meet once like this on Sundays instead. Please discuss this with your cell leader. This is a suggestion and not mandatory.

If your cell chooses to gather this way, you will need to arrange for Lord’s Supper implements on your own (bread, juice, cups). For Offering, we encourage those meeting this way to give to the Lord regularly via cheque or the digital means (digital banking or paynow). Details to be provided.

If you would like to take the opportunity to be a part of a cell group now, please contact Shirley Soo ( who will link you up with one of the cells that choose to meet this way.

Note: The Chinese Ministry service and Youth service will continue to gather as they do presently, with various internal safeguards already in place.

QUESTION 4: How about my children in KSS/JSS?

KSS/JSS will continue to meet in classes as they have been doing so. If your cell opts to worship at one of your member’s homes, you need to arrange within your cell for a time of devotion for the children present. To assist you, KSS and JSS will arrange for resources to be made available for your use. Please understand that this will take some time to arrange.

QUESTION 5: What if the situation comes when our church is told not to meet as a big group?

We pray that day does not come as it means we have had encountered an infection. In the event that the need does arise, we will live stream services during those Sundays. Further announcements will be given at such a time.

Church, let us continue to trust our Lord, do our part to practice good hygiene and social distancing while bearing in mind the privilege and need for spiritual proximity.

From the BFEC Church Council

Social Distancing Measures (issued on 14 March 2020)

ALL services and ministries:

Be seated more spaced/spread out. Maximum 2 or 3 people in a pew/row.

Stick to attending either 8am or 10am service (to reduce spread and limit contact tracing in view of community spread and anticipated spike).

We will endeavour to end the 8am, 10am and Chinese Ministry Services 20-30mins earlier so as to ensure reduced possibility of the intermingling of members between services.

Breakfast (after 8 am Service) and CafeLEAF (after 10 am Service) will be suspended from 22 March.

KSS & JSS ministries to follow the reduced service timing in tandem.

Update of Personal Particulars for contact tracing & pastoral care

Members are requested to provide your updated address/mobile/home telephone contacts.

Regular non-members to do so as well if you have yet to submit your particulars.

You can do so at the church office after Sun Service or email details to

Visitors: Please furnish your particulars before entering the Sanctuary. Fill up the hardcopy form outside the Annex or online form

Step By Step Guide in this COVID-19 Situation (issued on 8 Mar 2020)


  1. Stay Home Notice
    Please obey any stay-home notice or quarantine orders issued by the authorities.
  2. Unwell? Stay Home
    See a doctor if you have flu-like symptoms (eg cough, sore throat), fever (above 37.5), vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.
  3. Join our Live-Stream
    If home-bound, join us online at 10am each Sunday at


  1. Contact Tracing
    If you are a visitor, please furnish us your particulars for the purpose of contact tracing at
  2. Temperature Checks
    Make your way to one of the stations outside the Main Sanctuary or Annexe to have your temperature taken.
  3. Clean Hands
    Wash your hands with soap or use the sanitizers before entering


  1. Mask-Up
    Should you start to cough or sneeze during service, please use a mask.
  2. Lord’s Supper & Offering
    Use hand sanitizer before Lord’s Supper and after Offering


  1. PRAY
    Let us continue to look to the Lord in daily prayer at 2020hr (8.20pm).
  2. LOVE
    Let us also show love and care to others.

Let Us Pray For Our Under-Shepherds Serving in 2020

(Elders, Deacons, Local Pastoral & Operations Staff, Missionaries, Ministry ICs, Cell Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers and Helpers, Grow@Noon leaders, Young Adult Leaders) 

To follow Jesus …. Luke 9:23,24 

“And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.” 

To seek the Lord …. 2 Chron 7:14,15 

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears atten-tive to the prayer that is made in this place.” 

To be united as a church body …. Eph 4:1-3 

“I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with pa-tience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” 

John 15:16 
“You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you. ” 


Executive Elders
Alex Lo (Chairman)
Jimmy Tan(Dy Chairman)
Danny Chua(Dy Chairman)
Joshua Quek Mong Hua
Caleb Chua Soon Boon
Roland Tan
Chong Kum Wah
See Toh Ming Yew (on sabbatical)
Co-opted Elders
Daryl Liu
Jonathan Cho
Ethan Pang
Advisory Elders
Lionel Ong
Ernest Chew
Melville Szto
Deacons & Deaconesses
Ng Geok Chye
Jason Sin
Vincent Lim
John Teo
Ngoo Chih Yuan
Sharon Ngoo
Kiang Tzy Peng
Abigail Ng
Michael Mak (Treasurer)
Lucy Yeo
Wong Lee Pin
Derek Pang
Shirley Soo
Willy Ong
Ang Teck Soon (Chinese Ministry)
Adam Tang (Chinese Ministry)
Fong Chee Siong (Chinese Ministry)


Jimmy Tan -Elder (full-time)
Shirley Soo
Lim Seow Cheng
Ngoo Chih Yuan
John Teo
Francis Soh
Hwang Ching Yun
Sharon Ngoo
Lindis Szto
Kuah Leck Ping
Tan Fang Fang
Du Jian Hua
Kelvin Ng

Special Project workers

Mark & Clara Szto


OMF – (Japan) Daniel & Joylyn Lau
OM Singapore – Willy & Sharon Ong

Bethesda Katong Kindergarten

Principal: Wong Lee Pin

Ministry ICs

Admin & Operations: Shirley Soo
AV & IT: John Teo
BFEC Cares: Lindis Szto
Café LEAF: Jacy Tan
Chinese Ministry: Chong Kum Wah, Du Jian Hua
Chinese Evergreen Fellowship: Chong Kum Wah, Dyeo Hwee Cheng
Choir: Lindis Szto
Christ- Centred Support Group Limousine Ministry: Luke Roy Tan
Church Prayer Meeting: Letchumanan
Creche: Grace Lau
Estate: Ngoo Chih Yuan
Evangelism/Alpha: Ng Geok Chye
Faith@Home: Vincent Lim
Finance Committee: Michael Mak
Floral: Esther Liew
Foreign Indian Workers Fellowship: Letchumanan
Grow@Noon: Jonathan Cho, Daryl Liu & Abigail Ng
International Fellowship: See Toh Hui Ing & Monika Tan
JSS: Lucy Yeo
KSS: Lim Siew Gek, Jeodi Chua
Kampong Siglap: Ethan Pang , Jeremy Ong, Lau Mian Yi
Jesus Club: Fann Tay
Ladies Group: Dolly Tan, Betty Ong
Library: Lim Seow Cheng
Missions Board: Alex Lo
9214 and Frankel Lights: Letchumanan
Peranakan: Iris Teo, Harry Gay
Personnel Committee: Vincent Lim
READY magazine: Jimmy Tan, Diana Chin
Registrar: John Teo
Social Action: Goh Siew Hian, Lindis Szto
Ukulele For Christ: Francis Soh
W.A.T.CH: Caleb Chua , Kiang Tzy Peng
Working Adults Group: Ronnie Koh
Worship: Sharon Ngoo
Young Adults: Derek Pang

CG Shepherds

Danny Chua
Caleb Chua
Ong Teck Chye
Kiang Tzy Peng
Alex Lo
Joshua Quek
Ng Geok Chye
Jimmy Tan
Lindis Szto
Derek Pang

CG Leaders

William Koh
Low Kok Leong
Pang Tzer Fang
Caleb Chua
Lim Tzyy Chang
Tony Soh
Gerald Wong
Tan Chee Seng
Ong Teck Chye
Laurie Chan
John Zing
Kiang Tzy Peng
James Sim
Koh Pee Kiat
Poa Kheng Sin
Chew Lee Ching
Mark Lee
Lucinda Lee
Jason Sin
Jeremy Ong
Jermaine Yuen
Marcus Wong
Joshua Quek
Quek Bee Poh
Loh Meng See
Donald Foo
Lionel Ong
Paul Tan
David Poh
Teh Chee Kiang
Michael Mak
Patrick Lee
Florence Lee
Dyeo Kok Hong
Esther Chong
Max Leow
Julie Low
Kong Kin Piew
Andrew Teo
Ng Geok Chye
Nancy Ng
Joel Lim
Chong Shing Yan, Jocelyn
Jimmy Tan
Jamie Lau
Vincent Lim
Tang Hui Kheng
Ben Mah
Chua Hoe Chin
Helen Loo
Lau Mian Yi
Loh Meiling
Ethan Pang
Vanessa Pang
Cherlyn Ong
Derek Pang
Janis Pang
Tan Lay Chin
Ngoo Chih Yuan
Sharon Ngoo
Lindis Szto
Ng Tjoh Dju
Goh Kim Eng
Wong Lee Pin
Diana Chin
Irene Chiang
Irene Lim
Susan Lim


Teachers & Helpers
Grace Lau (i/c)
Jeannie Lim
Kang Ai Lin
Darlene Lim
Jeanine Cheok
Tan Hui Jin
Jacqueline Lim
Susan Neoh
Jessie Sim
Lye Skyh Pyng
Iris Tan
Joelle Lee
Cheong Hwee Leng
Kim Ng
Jermaine Ong

Kindergarten Sunday School

Danny Chua(Overseer)
Soontheri (Mentor)
Lim Siew Gek (Superintendent)
Jeodi Chua (Asst Superintendent)
Esther Chua(Group Leader)
Florence Lau
Chloe Chua
Luan Kho (Group Leader)
Rachel Cheong
Florence Tan
Andrew Koh
Alethea Koh (Group Leader)
Toh Siew Luan (Group Leader)
Linus Loh
Russell Tan
Esther Cheah
Irene Chua (co-ordinator)
Tang Hui Kheng
Brenda Ho (Jan & Feb)
Kuan Li Li
Adelene Ho
Matthew Heng
Davina Low
Matthias Ong (wef March)
Caitlyn Wong
Megan Lim
Elizabeth Cheah
Keona Leung
Laura Koh

Junior Sunday School

Lucy Yeo (Superintendent)
Avelina Koh
Dillon Koh
Lim Su Fun
Karen Sim
Damien Scholefield
Wong Lee Pin
Woon Jacqueline
Asst Teachers & Helpers
Ang Kim Heok (Secretary)
Tan Lay Hong (Special Projects)
Elijah Villavieja
Lim Pey Ling
Worship Team
Cecilia Chiew
Low Kok Leong
Brian Pereira
Adelene Sin
Janis Pang
Tan Swee Gek, Jacqueline

Grow @ Noon

Jonathan Cho (i/c)
Daryl Liu (Asst i/c)
Abigail Ng (Asst i/c)
John Teo
Tan Lai Yong
Chow Hung Peng
Andrew Chia
Kelvin Ng ( wef July)
Julienne Tan ( wef July)
Roland Tan
Lee Yen Ter
Tong Suit Chee
Tan Ying Kheng
Amanda Ho
Deborah Quek
Joanna Lo
Augustine Koh
Joshua Lee
Incoming YA helpers/leaders
Liew Weng Khay
Liew Kin Soon
Ben Mah
Loh Xin Ling