Kindergarten Terms, Holidays and Events for 2020

Kindergarten School Terms

Scheduled School /Public Holidays


Term 1: Thursday 2 January to Friday 13 March


Orientation /Promotion:

Thursday 2 Jan


·      New Year’s Day (Wed 1 Jan)


·      Chinese New Year (Sat 25 Jan, Sun 26 Jan)

*Mon 27 Jan – public holiday

*Tues 28 Jan – school holiday

Wed 29 Jan – unscheduled school holiday


Term 2: Monday 23 March to Friday 29 May



Parent-Teacher Meeting:

1st session – Thurs 23 Apr

2nd session – Fri  24 Apr


·      Good Friday (Fri 10 Apr)


·      Labour Day (Fri 1 May)


·      Vesak Day (Thurs 7 May)


·      Hari Raya Puasa (Sun 24 May)

*Mon 25 May – public holiday

Tue 26 May – unscheduled school holiday  


Term 3: Monday 29 June to Friday 4 September


Parent-Teacher Meeting:

1st session – Wed 2 Sept

2nd session – Thurs 3 Sept


·      Youth Day (Sun 5 Jul)

*Mon 6 Jul – school holiday


·      Hari Raya Haji (Fri 31 Jul)


·      National Day (Sun 9 Aug)

*Mon 10 Aug – public holiday


·      Teachers’ Day (Fri 4 Sept)


  Term 4: Monday 14 September to Friday 20 November


Annual Concert & Graduation:

1st session – Wed 28 Oct

2nd session – Thurs 29 Oct


·      Children’s Day (Fri 9 Oct)


·      Concert holiday (Fri 30 Oct) – unscheduled school holiday


·      Deepavali (Sat 14 Nov)

*Mon 16 Nov – school holiday


·      Christmas Day (Fri 25 Dec)




Term 1

Thurs 2Jan

Orientation and Promotion Day   

Fri 24Jan

Chinese New Year Celebration (curtailed hours)

Sat 25Jan to Tues 28Jan

PH & School holiday (CNY)

Wed 29Jan

Unscheduled school holiday (Staff welfare)

Tues 25Feb

Field trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden (K2 – 1st session)

Thurs 27Feb

Field trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden (K2 – 2nd session)

Term 2

Tues 31Mar

Registration for enrolment in 2021 (siblings and priority cases)

Thurs 2Apr

Registration for enrolment in 2021

*for parents who have received a call from us to register

Tues 7Apr

Field trip to Singapore Air Force / Republic of Singapore Navy Museum (K1 – 1st session)

Thurs 9Apr

Field trip to Singapore Air Force Museum / Republic of Singapore Navy Museum (K1 – 2nd session)

Fri 10Apr

PH (Good Friday)

Mon 13 to 17April    TBC

Vision Screening for K1 & K2

Vision Care talk by nurse educator (13Apr)

Thurs 23Apr

1st Parent-Teacher Meeting (1st session)

Fri 24Apr

1st Parent-Teacher Meeting (2nd session)

Tues 28Apr

Police talk on Safety – Stranger Danger

Wed 1May

PH (Labour Day)

Thurs 7May

PH (Vesak Day)

Sun, Mon 24 & 25May

PH (Hari Raya Puasa)

Tues 26May

Unscheduled school holiday (Staff Retreat)

Tues to Thurs 2 to 4Jun

Vacation Bible School

Term 3

Mon 6Jul

Scheduled school holiday (Youth Day)

Thurs 9Jul    TBC

Visit to Opera Estate Primary School

Wed 15Jul

Photo-taking for all classes

Thurs 16Jul

Photo-taking for all classes

Tues 21Jul   TBC

Bird Park Flies to School (PN & Nur)

Fri 24Jul

Commemoration of Racial Harmony Day

Fri 31Jul

PH (Hari Raya Haji)

Tues 28Jul

Field trip to Jurong Bird Park (Nursery-1st session)

Thurs 30Jul

Field trip to Jurong Bird Park (Nursery-2nd session)

Fri 7Aug

National Day Celebration (curtailed hours)

(Get Active Singapore – National Day workout)

Sun 9Aug

PH (National Day)

Wed 2Sept

2nd Parent-Teacher Meeting (1st session)

Thurs 3Sept

2nd Parent-Teacher Meeting (2nd session)

Fri 4Sept

Scheduled school holiday  (Teacher’s Day)

Term 4

Tues 22 Sept

Field trip to KidsSTOP (1st session)

Thurs 24 Sept

Field trip to KidsSTOP (2nd session)

Tues 29Sept

Dry Run for concert

Tues 6Oct

Full Dress Rehearsal (1st session)

Wed 7Oct

Full Dress Rehearsal (2nd session)

Thurs 8Oct

Children’s Day Celebration (curtailed hours)

(Sports Try-out by Active SG)

Fri 9Oct

Scheduled school holiday (Children’s Day)

Wed 28Oct

Concert and Graduation (1st session)

Thurs 29Oct

Concert and Graduation (2nd session)

Fri 30Oct

Unscheduled school holiday (day after concert)

Thurs 5Nov

Field trip to River Safari (K2 – 1st session)

Tues 10Nov

Field trip to River Safari (K2 – 2nd session)

Sat 14Nov

PH (Deepavali)

Wed 18Nov

Class Party (1st session)

Thurs 19Nov

Class Party (2nd session)